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Mar, 2020

Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep Tips

Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep TipsThe interview process plays a huge part in helping a hiring manager determine whether or not a candidate is fit for the job. This means that if you’re applying for a career of a lifetime, the interview isn’t something you should take lightly. You have to come in prepared. By preparedness means doing beyond Googling possible interview questions. It’s more of making sure you make the right impression and exhibiting your knowledge in the position you’re applying for.

Jan, 2020

5 Blunders to Weed out to Win the Interview

How to Win the Interview by Weeding out These Blunders 1Hunting for a new job isn’t as easy as it sounds. As it happens, it requires a lot of preparation and the entire process can be nerve-wracking and quite stressful. From choosing the right clothes to reflecting the demeanor you want to portray and getting ready for the questions you may possibly be asked - you only have one goal and that is to ace them all.


Dec, 2019

5 Things to Avoid in a Job Interview Thank You Email

5 Things to Avoid in a Thank You Email After the InterviewA thank-you email after a job interview is something a lot of jobseekers usually ignore. But what we’re not aware of is that its power to help you land the job you applied for cannot be discounted. Indeed, sending a thank-you note after a job interview can benefit you in more ways than one. For one, it shows your interviewer that you know how to pay courtesy and respect. It’s also an excellent way to demonstrate professionalism and good written communication skills.

Dec, 2019

5 Tips to Ace your Skype Interview

5 Tips to Ace your Skype InterviewMore and more companies are leveraging technology to make the hiring process faster and more efficient. Besides accepting online applications, hiring managers and recruiters also conduct interviews online and one of the most common platforms used is Skype. Skype interviews especially come in handy not only for companies screening potential candidates but also for jobseekers who are planning to relocate to a new place for that position.

Dec, 2019

4 Ways to Nail your Second Interview

4 Ways to Nail your Second InterviewYou passed your first job interview? Congratulations! Now you have the next one to worry about. The first interview may be nerve-wracking and you did all that you can to ace it but it doesn’t mean the second one would be any less challenging. This isn’t to scare you but it’s important to note that the second job interview is where the real vetting actually happens.

During the first interviews, hiring managers would usually look into whether candidates are fit for the role and the company culture. It is during the second interview jobseekers have to further emphasize their added value and prove the recruiter why they are needed by the organization.

Make the most of this given opportunity and nail your second interview with the help of these tips!

Nov, 2019

5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes on a Job Interview

5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes on a Job InterviewSo you’ve been scheduled for a job interview after the initial screening, congratulations! Now what? Whether you are a fresh graduate from college seeking to land your first ever job or switching jobs because you need career advancement, it’s important to recognize that a successful job interview is key to locking in a job offer. Therefore, you have to ace it or you lose the chance to land that job you’ve been waiting for forever!

Nov, 2019

5 Tips to Mentally Prepare for a Job Interview

5 Tips to Mentally Prepare for a Job InterviewThe old adage “mind over matter” may be handy and useful to many things in our lives but if you’re a job seeker who’s about to come over for an interview, remembering this phrase may not be of much help. It’s completely natural to feel nervous and tense just by the thought of going through an interview and it doesn’t mean you’re not qualified or confident. However, we all know that this is a make-or-break moment. This conversation could change your life forever. This could be the start of something great in your career. And because you only have one chance    it's only imperative to come in prepared.

May, 2019

There Is No “But”

There Is No ButI have a quick tip for today that I think will help.

It applies not only for job interviews, but also for annual reviews, salary negotiations, and, in fact, any kind of "difficult" conversation.

Here it is:

Pay close attention to when and how you use the word "but".

In fact, if you can, get rid of it altogether.

(You can often use "and" instead.)

May, 2019

What Kind of Handshake Was That?

What Kind of Handshake Was ThatHandshakes are important -- especially when it comes to job interviews.


Because they're often the first and the last impression you leave. Also, interviewers believe that how you shake their (and their colleagues') hand says a lot about your personality and character traits.

I'm not sure if that's true.

Nonetheless, it's important to shake an interviewer's hand right -- i.e. in a way that conveys confidence, authority, and trust.

With that in mind...

May, 2019

Cover Letter Signed By Your Daughter

Cover Letter Signed By Your DaughterThis one might sound a little strange.

But it's one of those creative exercises that could yield something big for you, and perhaps even lead to a breakthrough in your job search.

Here it is:

Get your daughter -- or your son -- to write a cover letter for you, explaining why they think their mom or dad is perfect for the job.

Why might this lead to a breakthrough?