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Oct, 2020

3 Tips for Answering the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question in a Job Interview

3 Tips for Answering the Tell Me About Yourself Question in a Job InterviewIf you’ve been through a couple of job interviews in the past, one of the questions you probably have been asked almost every single time is “tell me about yourself”. Of course, hiring managers would like to get a good grasp of your background, skills and even personality in summary to help them determine whether or not you’re a good fit not only for the role but for the existing culture of the company. And while this question seems like an easy one to respond to, it’s actually a bit tricky as a lot of candidates fail to answer this one correctly.

Aug, 2020

4 Interview Tricks That Can Help You Get Hired

4 Interview Tricks That Can Help You Get HiredJob interviews are, no doubt, one of the most important aspects in one’s job search journey. If you’re desperately wanting to land a specific job, you better not blow your chances by messing up your interview. The thing is that going to a job interview can be extremely nerve-wracking whether or not it’s your first time. It takes a lot of preparation and of course, confidence. But what if you don’t feel that confident? What if you there are self-doubts and uncertainties?

May, 2020

Importance of Doing a Mock Interview

Importance of Doing a Mock InterviewA job interview is one of the most vital parts of the job search process. It’s an important step that offers you and the hiring manager the opportunity to determine how well you fit for the job and align with the company’s values and culture. It’s also a venue for you to obtain more information and decide if the job is right for you. Because an interview is where you showcase your skills and qualifications to convince your potential employer that you’re the best candidate, it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, it’s something that requires adequate preparation. This is where a mock interview comes in.

Apr, 2020

Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions to Prepare for

Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Should get Ready for You’ve probably seen it and heard it - the digital marketing industry is a lucrative industry to establish a career in. Now, more than ever, people with digital marketing skills are in serious demand because companies and brands are putting so much effort in their online presence and brand than ever before.

Apr, 2020

Your Ultimate Guide to Nailing the Most Common Interview Questions

Your Ultimate Guide to Nailing the Most Common Interview QuestionsWalking into an interview room can give you all sorts of mixed emotions, and that’s totally normal. No one comes in for an interview with 100% confidence about being able to perfectly answer all the questions. But, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you somehow have an idea about the kind of questions the interviewer is going to ask so that somehow, just somehow, not everything comes as a surprise?

Mar, 2020

How to Ace Your Video Interview and Land your Dream Job

 How to Ace Your Video Interview and Land your Dream JobThe use of video chat platforms for job interviews has significantly increased in the recent years. And why not? Leveraging this technology and incorporating it into the recruitment process offers an extensive range of benefits. For one, it speeds up the hiring process and reduces the number of candidate no-shows. It also helps improve quality of hire and eliminates stress when it comes to scheduling in-person interviews.

Mar, 2020

Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep Tips

Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep TipsThe interview process plays a huge part in helping a hiring manager determine whether or not a candidate is fit for the job. This means that if you’re applying for a career of a lifetime, the interview isn’t something you should take lightly. You have to come in prepared. By preparedness means doing beyond Googling possible interview questions. It’s more of making sure you make the right impression and exhibiting your knowledge in the position you’re applying for.

Jan, 2020

5 Blunders to Weed out to Win the Interview

How to Win the Interview by Weeding out These Blunders 1Hunting for a new job isn’t as easy as it sounds. As it happens, it requires a lot of preparation and the entire process can be nerve-wracking and quite stressful. From choosing the right clothes to reflecting the demeanor you want to portray and getting ready for the questions you may possibly be asked - you only have one goal and that is to ace them all.


Dec, 2019

5 Things to Avoid in a Job Interview Thank You Email

5 Things to Avoid in a Thank You Email After the InterviewA thank-you email after a job interview is something a lot of jobseekers usually ignore. But what we’re not aware of is that its power to help you land the job you applied for cannot be discounted. Indeed, sending a thank-you note after a job interview can benefit you in more ways than one. For one, it shows your interviewer that you know how to pay courtesy and respect. It’s also an excellent way to demonstrate professionalism and good written communication skills.

Dec, 2019

5 Tips to Ace your Skype Interview

5 Tips to Ace your Skype InterviewMore and more companies are leveraging technology to make the hiring process faster and more efficient. Besides accepting online applications, hiring managers and recruiters also conduct interviews online and one of the most common platforms used is Skype. Skype interviews especially come in handy not only for companies screening potential candidates but also for jobseekers who are planning to relocate to a new place for that position.