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Dec, 2013

What to Write on Your 30-60-90 Day Business Plan

30-60-90 Day Business PlanStarting a new job can bring you a variety of emotions: excitement, fear, enthusiasm, and anxiousness, to name a few. Even when you’re not yet a part of the company, you can still get these feelings. Moreover, when you’re unfamiliar with what you’re doing, there can be added stress and pressure.

Nov, 2013

How to Handle Phone Interviews and Get Yourself to the Final Stage

Handling Phone InterviewsIf your resume was impressive enough to get you a phone interview, then congratulations, but don’t celebrate just yet. This phone call is the next step in getting the job you’ve been waiting for, so you’ll want to prepare and take it seriously.

Sep, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: When Someone Gets the Promotion You Deserve

Interview Question - PromotionPeople often say that you can’t always get what you want. Regardless of how hard you try, what is not meant for you is not meant for you. One good example is a job promotion. Even if you did everything right—you met every deadline and handled every task perfectly—the results might still be less than optimal.

Sep, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: Working with a Team or on Your Own?

Working with a team“What are you more comfortable with: working with a team or on your own?” This is a typical yet tricky job interview question. Your answer to this question will help your interviewer assess your communication and social abilities.

Sep, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: Tell Us about Your Reading Habits

Interview Question ReadingAside from being curious about how effective you are at performing daily tasks and how well you work with people (e.g., coworkers, employers, clients), your interviewer is also interested in your hobbies and other talents. Sometimes, they will even ask about personal things such as dreams, long-term goals, childhood experiences, hobbies, habits, or whatever else they want to ask.

Sep, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: What Do You Associate the Word “Passion” With?

Passion for WorkAccording to Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” People often say that the key to a successful career is to love what you’re doing, and we call this passion. It is one of the fundamental things that drive people to do what they do.

Sep, 2013

Dealing with Qualifications: Should You Apply or Not?

Job QualificationOne thing that you should always remember when searching for a job is that you need to be fully aware of the job description. You must understand the workload, requirements, and qualifications before you apply for it. Every company has different ways of determining whether you’re qualified for the job or not. You just have to give it a try so you can find out.

Sep, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: Addressing Unprofessional Attitudes in the Workplace

Workplace AttitudeAttitude is one of the most important things in any industry. The positive vibes in the workplace can be dragged down with negative attitudes; this is why it’s necessary for the company to be mindful of their future employees’ characteristics.

Sep, 2013

How to Land a Sales Position


Sales JobIf you enjoy communicating and interacting with other people, like building relationships and creating affiliations, can easily describe or tell the story of a product or service, and are gifted with presentation skills, then sales is an ideal career path for you.

Aug, 2013

12 Topics to Help You Ask Questions at the End of an Interview

Interview Questions to AskThe interview isn’t just a way for a potential employer to learn about your skills and abilities, but also a chance for you to ask him or her questions regarding the company, the position, and anything else you want to know about them. It is advisable that you prepare intelligent and well-constructed questions to let your interviewer recognize that you’re really interested.