How to Ace Your Video Interview and Land your Dream Job

 How to Ace Your Video Interview and Land your Dream JobThe use of video chat platforms for job interviews has significantly increased in the recent years. And why not? Leveraging this technology and incorporating it into the recruitment process offers an extensive range of benefits. For one, it speeds up the hiring process and reduces the number of candidate no-shows. It also helps improve quality of hire and eliminates stress when it comes to scheduling in-person interviews.

So if you’re scheduled for a video interview for a position you’ve always wanted, there’s no need to fret. Here are some helpful tips to help you ace your video interview and land your dream job.

Be prepared
Preparing for an in-person interview is just as important as your preparation for a video interview. Just because this interview is going to be done over Zoom or Skype does not mean that you can just come in unprepared. So how are you going to get ready for it?

Just like you would for an actual interview, be sure to take time to research about the company. Be more familiar about its business industry, culture as well as the role you’re applying for. Show them that you perfectly understand what the job requires and that you’re the perfect fit.

Dress up
First impressions last, even in interviews. So whether it’s an actual one or one that’s done remotely over the internet, it’s always best that you dress to impress. If you dress up too casually because you’re home, you might not be sending the right message. Make sure your outfit looks formal, neat and professional.

Be sure to avoid technical difficulties
Way before your scheduled interview, be sure to test your computer, headset and the internet. Make sure you have the tools you need ready and that you have found a quiet spot in your home where the interview can take place without interruption. The last thing you want is to encounter technical difficulties in the middle of the interview. Not only can it send the wrong impression but it could distract you from your focus.

If you’re not used to having interviews using video chat, you might find this uncomfortable or awkward which is why you have to practice. Have mock interviews conducted with a friend or a family member. This will help you identify areas you still need to improve on. Also record your practice sessions so that you can take a closer look at how you do overall, your posture and eye contact and make necessary adjustments.

Create cheat sheets
One of the best things about remote interviews is the fact that you can create little notes to refer to, to help you answer some questions. You don’t have to make them lengthy because you don’t want to sound like you’re reading off a script. You also don’t want to get distracted by them. Just some short and quick notes will do.

When it comes to job search, you have one goal to hit during an interview, whether it’s by a video chat or in-person - and that’s to prove that you’re the perfect candidate. Follow these tips, nail that interview and land your dream job!

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