Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions to Prepare for

Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Should get Ready for You’ve probably seen it and heard it - the digital marketing industry is a lucrative industry to establish a career in. Now, more than ever, people with digital marketing skills are in serious demand because companies and brands are putting so much effort in their online presence and brand than ever before.

With an extensive range of career choices and roles, as well as lucrative pay, there’s no wonder why this field has been gaining more popularity in the recent years and people have been dying to earn a spot here. But with the vast opportunities offered within the digital marketing field, what exactly are hiring managers looking for in candidates? How do you land a job and establish a long term career in digital marketing?

Regardless of the digital marketing position you’re applying for, it all boils down to being able to present yourself as the perfect candidate with the right skills and relevant knowledge and experience. So if you’re looking forward to landing a career in digital marketing, here are some of the common interview questions you should answer flawlessly!

Why do you want a job in digital marketing?
We all have a reason for wanting to land a specific role or specific career. Expect to be asked why you want to establish a career in digital marketing.

Because your answer to this question can make or break your chances of landing a spot in this industry, make sure that your “reason” fits not only the role but also the company culture. Hiring managers are looking for employees who will be able to connect with the type of work that needs to get done so be sure to be well-prepared in this area.

Share something about your experience in the digital marketing field
Being asked of this question does not mean that you have to go through a lengthy litany of your resume details. You only need to highlight why your professional experiences make you a perfect fit for the role you’re applying for. Discuss what opportunities you took to improve your skills and grow in your career.

What sets digital marketing apart from traditional marketing?
Hiring managers want to make sure you have a clear understanding of the industry you’re wanting to build a career in. To answer this question, make sure that you do not only define how traditional marketing differs from digital marketing. You may also cite specific examples that fall under each type of marketing.

Share something about a digital marketing campaign you’ve completed
Now this doesn’t mean you have to talk about a campaign that was perfectly executed or one that delivered expected results. It can be a campaign that failed in the beginning which you worked on and tweaked to achieve better results.

Site situations when you’ve worked on content marketing strategy
Content strategy is becoming increasingly important to brands that incorporate digital marketing in their marketing strategy. If you’re asked with this question, it means that the interviewer wants to find out if you’re someone who has the initiative to do everything to stay on top of your game and keep tabs in your industry.

Digital marketing interviews are nothing to fear if you come in prepared. Use this guide and study these common questions to help you nail your interview and land the job you’ve always wanted in the world of digital marketing.

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