5 Blunders to Weed out to Win the Interview

How to Win the Interview by Weeding out These Blunders 1Hunting for a new job isn’t as easy as it sounds. As it happens, it requires a lot of preparation and the entire process can be nerve-wracking and quite stressful. From choosing the right clothes to reflecting the demeanor you want to portray and getting ready for the questions you may possibly be asked - you only have one goal and that is to ace them all.



Indeed, achieving a favorable result does not entirely depend on the question and answer portion of the whole interview. Hiring managers also take time to consider several other factors that help them decide whether or not a candidate is fit for the job. Keep reading and find out which things will impress hiring managers and compel them to hire you!

The devil is in the details
Never think that you are in the clear after you have handed in your application letter and impeccable resume. Maintain a sense of refinement in all forms. Don’t even think about being informal in a follow up email. You can also never respond to a text message with monosyllabic answers such as “sure” or “yeah”, nor can you use acronyms such as “LOL” and include emojis with it. Be mindful of your grammar as well as those spellings! Overlooking these details would be unwise as it may cost you the one opportunity you’ve been working on.

I got my eyes on you
Head hunters are quite observant of how prospective employees conduct themselves. What amounts to bothersome behavior is subjective to each recruiter. Rather than trying to come up with a long tally of what “not to do”, you can simplify things by just displaying good manners, observing proper etiquette, extending common courtesy and by merely having good common sense. Don’t forget the niceties such as saying good morning or good afternoon. Sit down and quietly wait for your turn. Quit looking at your phone and be sure to put it on silent mode.

Combining these with a great pitch on why you want the job and why you are right for the job will surely leave a good impression and increase your chances of getting hired.

Come prepared (with your own questions)
Applicants have varied techniques of steering their way through an interview. Some rely on experience. Others take time to do their homework and hope they have the right answer to every question while some other ones resort to ad-libbing which is actually not a good game plan, by the way. Whatever you think would work best for you should be okay. Having responded to all their questions, you almost always get the chance to do the questioning yourself. Surely, you’ve already heard “before we conclude, do you have any questions?” many times. Given that you have done your research, you can use this opportunity to ask sensible questions about the company and satisfy your curiosity about related topics and make some determination of your future job and workplace.

You do your homework, they do theirs
Job aspirants do their best to single out the ones who could probably give them the best possible review. This would almost always include people whom they have had a good relationship with. It could be a boss or a colleague whom they’ve never had a squabble with. The truth is some hiring managers go out of their way and take the extra mile to do extra surveillance of their own. These days, checking on your social media content has somewhat become a part of the unofficial vetting process. What you post or write on your platforms says a lot.

Never ever arrive late
So you have prepared as much as you can for your imminent interview. You don’t want all of that hard work going to waste by not showing up on time. Make sure that everything is ready when it’s time to go. Prepare your attire the day before. Get up early, have your meal and anticipate unforeseen circumstances such as getting stuck in traffic so you have ample time to get to your interview minutes before your schedule.


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