Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep Tips

Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep TipsThe interview process plays a huge part in helping a hiring manager determine whether or not a candidate is fit for the job. This means that if you’re applying for a career of a lifetime, the interview isn’t something you should take lightly. You have to come in prepared. By preparedness means doing beyond Googling possible interview questions. It’s more of making sure you make the right impression and exhibiting your knowledge in the position you’re applying for.


Nail your next job interview by heeding the following pieces of advice.

Understand the job description
One of the first steps to preparing for the interview is getting a complete understanding of the job description. Take time to carefully examine the qualifications and skills the employer is looking for in a potential candidate. Do they have a specific standard in terms of work experience or educational background? Make sure you are aligned with these details to increase your chances of getting hired.

Learn everything you can about the company
Any information you can gather about the company you’re applying for will always come in handy. So before your interview schedule, take time to learn more and get a better sense of who the company is by doing an online research. Visit the website, check their blogs, and check their Facebook page. Also leverage Twitter to find out what the employees have to say about the company. Read reviews from other platforms and websites such as Glassdoor.

Prepare for possible interview questions
Almost all interviews begin with the asking the interviewee to tell something about themselves. This is actually a tricky question. It sounds so easy but your answer should be carefully thought of and organized. You don’t want to give them a long list of your adjectives describing yourself make sure you already know which ones will add value to your application.

Also, spend time thinking about your accomplishments, relevant skills and experiences. These are some of the most important things that should be highlighted during the interview. Other questions you may be asked include why you want to work in the company, what it is about the role that interests you, why you are the best candidate for the role, among others.

Plan your outfit
First impressions last. The first 30 seconds of your meeting with the hiring manager matters a lot. To create the right first impression, one of the things you need to nail is your outfit. Follow a business casual dress code. Make sure you look neat, and your outfit tailored and pressed. You will feel your best if you look your best.

Because the interview process is meant to determine whether or not a candidate is the best fit, your goal is to market yourself effectively. And to sell yourself, you need to sound and be confident. Practice your communication skills as well as body language. Try to rehearse them in front of a mirror or with your friends and family.

Walking into the interview room might seem intimidating but not when you’ve done adequate preparation. Nail your next job interview and land your dream career by applying these tips!


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