5 Tips to Ace your Skype Interview

5 Tips to Ace your Skype InterviewMore and more companies are leveraging technology to make the hiring process faster and more efficient. Besides accepting online applications, hiring managers and recruiters also conduct interviews online and one of the most common platforms used is Skype. Skype interviews especially come in handy not only for companies screening potential candidates but also for jobseekers who are planning to relocate to a new place for that position.

While not everyone has been through a Skype interview, there’s no need to be intimidated by it. You may be have to be involved in a remote interview sooner or later so be sure to nail it with the help of these tips!

Get your profile ready
Before the actual interview, the hiring manager may or may not scrutinize your Skype profile. Be sure to set it up properly so that it looks professional. It doesn’t need a lot of details. In fact it only has to be neat and simple. Use your complete name and accurate information for your birth year. Avoid using emojis and emoticons. As for the profile photo, make sure it’s a clear image of yourself without any other accessories such as sunglasses or hat. As much as possible, have the photo taken against a plain, white background so that it looks more formal. Do not use any other photos that may come across as informal or unprofessional.

Do your research
Part of the preparation process is the research. It’s important for a candidate to be familiar with the company, especially its culture, nature of the business and other relevant information. Take time to check the company’s website. Check its social media accounts, too, such as Facebook and Twitter. Look into the reviews section and also observe employees and bosses based on the content you find.

Ready yourself and your surroundings
Skype interviews and other video interviews don’t require that you show your entire body on the camera. More often than not, it’s just going to be the upper half that’s going to be shown. However, it is highly recommended that you dress up from head to toe. You’ll never know when you will need to stand up to do some fixing or adjustment on your equipment. Also, it will psychologically get you into adopting a professional mindset during the interview.

Video interviews may not be entirely the same as that of one on one interviews and it might feel even more awkward. However, everything can be polished with practice. Take time to rehearse and ask a friend or family member to help you out. Check how you come across on video and have it recorded so you can review it afterwards. Repeat it until you’re comfortable and satisfied with the results.

More importantly, don’t forget to get ready for possible questions and practice your answers, too.

Do technical testing
Because you’ll be heavily relying on technology when you do a Skype interview, make sure that nothing goes wrong with the internet, your computer, microphone and speakers. It’s also a good idea to use a headset. Check and make sure everything is working and that you are clearly audible and visible in Skype.

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