5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes on a Job Interview

5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes on a Job InterviewSo you’ve been scheduled for a job interview after the initial screening, congratulations! Now what? Whether you are a fresh graduate from college seeking to land your first ever job or switching jobs because you need career advancement, it’s important to recognize that a successful job interview is key to locking in a job offer. Therefore, you have to ace it or you lose the chance to land that job you’ve been waiting for forever!

Get through the interview process as smoothly as possible, make the best impression possible and avoid the following mistakes on a job interview.

Failing to prepare
Adequate preparation is paramount to doing an excellent job interview. Treat this as if you’re taking an examination that requires you to study and prepare. Start with doing a bit of research about the company you’re applying for. Use the internet, visit their website as well as social media accounts. Check their Facebook and Twitter so that you become more familiar with the company’s culture, their vision and what they value. This will pretty much give you an idea on how to showcase the skills, knowledge and things you can bring in for the company.

Arriving late
Arriving a few minutes later than the scheduled interview is a huge no-no if you’re desperate to land the job. This is definitely not the way to go if you want to make a good impression. Be sure to get up early on the day of the interview. Anticipate potential causes of delay such as traffic, lack of parking space and such. Plan this important date accordingly. It’s a lot better to be a couple of minutes early and be the one waiting for the interviewer instead of making the interviewer wait for you.

Wearing inappropriate outfit
Whether we like it or not, there will be times when people would judge a book by its cover and a job interview is one of those situations. Hiring managers already create an impression about a candidate the first five seconds they walk into the room. One of things they will judge about you is your outfit. It’s important to look formal and professional during a job interview so choose your clothes carefully.

Sharing too much information
While honesty is extremely important in job interviews, it’s equally important to be able to define the line between honesty and sharing too much details. Know that you don’t have to share everything that’s on top of your head. You should know how to filter your thoughts and choose what to share carefully. It doesn’t mean that you have to tell lies but you have to remember to only answer what’s being asked. Take note: Less talk, less mistakes.

Highlight what you can do for the company
Being asked why you have decided to apply for the company is part of the typical interview process. However, instead of dwelling too much on the things you expect from the company, it’s imperative that you highlight what you can bring to the table. There’s always going to be a perfect time for asking about the benefits, compensation and such. For now, your goal is to ace the interview and lock in the offer.

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