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Aug, 2012

Job Interviews and the Olympics: Less like Gymnastics, more like Swimming IM

 Job Interview OlympicsThis week, I learned something valuable watching the Olympics. Just last night, I saw highlights of the individual medley (IM) swimming event - where one swimmer does four different strokes in succession, and the individual gymnastics competition, particularly the balance beam.


Here's what I've observed:

Aug, 2012

Six Ways to Calm Down Before that Big Interview

Interview JittersIt is perfectly normal to feel nervous before a job interview. A job interview is a source of stress for most people. Sometimes it may seem overwhelming because of the fear of being rejected by an employer.

Here are some ways to calm down when you feel nervous before a job interview.

Jul, 2012

Signs an Interview Is Not Going Well

Interview Fail SignsFor your upcoming interview, you practiced and prepared, wore your best suit, and basically did your best in acing the interview. Yet even with all your efforts, you didn’t get the job.

Looking back at the interview, it’s hard to tell where it went wrong. But learning how to detect when the interview is not going as planned can help you turned things around.

Jul, 2012

Social Networks Hurting Job Search

Job Search OnlineThe Internet of yesterday is vastly different from what it is today. Technology evolves rapidly on a daily basis, and along with this change comes a change in how we look for a job. Job seeking is already tough as it is, and with the ever-growing popularity of social networking also grow the challenges of job seekers.

Before the advent of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, writing resumes and cover letters was the only thing job seekers would worry about. However, this is not true today. Whether we like it or not, more and more employers use social networks to screen applicants. The reason is that social networks help them understand applicants better.

Jul, 2012

Importance of a Good Handshake

In a job interview, we waInterview Handshakent to make sure that everything is perfect. We dress for success, arrive early, and go over our prepared interview answers. However, all of this can fall apart if you don’t give the right handshake with the interviewer.

There is a lot of debate as to how long we have before a first impression is formed, but what is certain is that our time is short. In a matter of seconds, the interviewer will form his or her impression of you, and this sets the tone for the rest of the interview.

Jun, 2012

4 Mistakes to Get a Resume Sent Straight to a Shredder

resume mistakesA lot of times we want to know what to do to get a job. Right now, however, let’s talk about what we do to NOT get a job.

Most often, we  focus on the major points in preparing our resume; for this reason, we neglect the minor things that people do to get their resume sent straight to the shredder.

Jun, 2012

Three Keys to Interviewing for Older Applicants

Older applicants TipsMany people who are older than the average applicant fear interviews. However, seasoned applicants need not allow their age to become an issue. Older applicants should understand that they have something that average applicants don’t.

As an older applicant, you have experience. Prepare answers to interview question in which you can use this experience during an interview to prove that you will be the better employee.

Jun, 2012

Saying Thanks after Rejection

Job Interview RejectionYou submit your resume, get called for an interview, dress properly, arrive early, answer every question with ease, and basically breeze through the interview process seamlessly. Everything seems to be going right for you. You assume that the only thing left is the job offer, so you're already thinking of salary, benefits, and when you can start.

Suddenly, you get a call telling you that they decided to hire someone else, and then it all dawns on you. All of your expectations are now down the drain. Even though you knew that the job was yours, they went ahead and chose someone else. Now what? Send them a thank-you letter.

May, 2012

How to Ace the Interview as an Older Worker

For older workers, finding a job in the current economy can be especially challenging. You are very unlikely to hear an interviewer mention issues related to age aloud. Discrimination against older workers is technically illegal. Still, that’s not to say it isn’t done.

If you are in this population and want to ace your next interview, there are several issues you will have to address. You will need to demonstrate that you are a hard worker, stay current on industry trends, and fit in with the culture of modern organizations.  

In this article, we’ll discuss the various tactics that you can proactively take.