Importance of Doing a Mock Interview

Importance of Doing a Mock InterviewA job interview is one of the most vital parts of the job search process. It’s an important step that offers you and the hiring manager the opportunity to determine how well you fit for the job and align with the company’s values and culture. It’s also a venue for you to obtain more information and decide if the job is right for you. Because an interview is where you showcase your skills and qualifications to convince your potential employer that you’re the best candidate, it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, it’s something that requires adequate preparation. This is where a mock interview comes in.


Attending a job interview can be extremely intimidating, not to mention nerve-wracking, if you don’t come in prepared. So if you’re determined to ace your upcoming screening and interview and land that job, here’s why you shouldn’t skip a mock interview in your preparation process.

A mock interview can help alleviate your stress and anxiety
The thought of walking into a room with a panel or a recruitment manager waiting to do a job interview can be utterly daunting. But by doing a mock interview, the worries, anxieties and stress you’re going through can be alleviated. In a mock interview, you’ll be able to rehearse and have a good exercise of how typical interview questions are answered. Here, you can make mistakes, identify areas for improvement and work on getting better in terms of organizing your thoughts and delivering your answers.

It can give your confidence a good boost
Practicing by yourself may be a good way to get ready for the interview but it’s a lot better when you have someone to do the mock interview for you. Having another person watch and listen to you means having someone who will not only point out your areas for improvement but also pinpoint your strengths. The fact that you are being made aware of your strengths can help give your confidence the boost it needs. This way, you can walk into the interview room with a healthy dose of confidence needed to impress the interviewer.

It can help you gather constructive feedback
No one is completely prepared or is a 100% perfect during a job interview. This is why it’s important that candidates are aware of their weaknesses so they know which areas they still have to work on. And a mock interview can help you with that. This is especially helpful when you’ve had previous applications that were rejected or declined. Through a mock interview, someone can provide you constructive feedback and learn about the areas you’re most challenged with.

It can help you anticipate possible questions
Like the old adage says, practice makes perfect. And going through a mock interview is an excellent way to practice and anticipate possible interview questions. This can also help you rehearse for behavioral-based questions that are also commonly asked during job interviews.

Mock interviews provide a candidate more opportunities to sharpen their interview skills and increase their chances of landing the role. Be sure to come into your next job interview prepared by doing a mock interview.


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