5 Tips to Mentally Prepare for a Job Interview

5 Tips to Mentally Prepare for a Job InterviewThe old adage “mind over matter” may be handy and useful to many things in our lives but if you’re a job seeker who’s about to come over for an interview, remembering this phrase may not be of much help. It’s completely natural to feel nervous and tense just by the thought of going through an interview and it doesn’t mean you’re not qualified or confident. However, we all know that this is a make-or-break moment. This conversation could change your life forever. This could be the start of something great in your career. And because you only have one chance    it's only imperative to come in prepared.

Daunting as it may be, here are some helpful tips to use to help you mentally prepare for a job interview.

Make a mental note of your skills
An interview is a perfect venue for you to showcase your skills. Be sure you’re ready to highlight the things you can bring to a company, like your skills, knowledge and strengths, during the interview. Take time to think about what you want to emphasize and write them down if you must. It doesn’t matter whether they are functional or technical skills. The important thing is that these skills are going to be handy in the job you’re applying for.

Also, it would help to think about which better words and adjectives to use. When you’re prepared with these things and get to be asked, at least you already have the answers right at the tips of your fingers.

Think of your accomplishments
Some of your achievements and accomplishments in the past may be useful when applying for a job. Think of the ones that better resonate with the companies you wish to be working for. Write them down to better organize your thoughts. Recall the details such as the actions you’ve taken and the results.

Practice thinking first
Our brain has a tendency to go on autopilot, which means that it compels you to immediately let out an answer without thinking too long when asked a question. This is something jobseekers have to be careful with during an interview. Learn how to understand and digest the question first before answering.

Be confident
The importance of confidence in a job interview cannot be emphasized further. However, it doesn’t come easy especially when you’re too nervous. So how do you step in the interview room with your much-needed confidence? It all starts with the right mindset. If you know you deserve this post and have prepared well for this interview, then there’s nothing you should be scared of besides the fact that you’ll be meeting these people for the first time.

Be ready for the unexpected
Another thing that makes a job interview daunting is the fact that you don’t know what to expect. You could be asked questions you haven’t prepared for. So what do you do? Prepare for the unexpected. Think of some off-the-wall questions they might possibly ask.

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Alan Carniol

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