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Interview Tips (163)

Mar, 2015

Be More Likable in an Interview in 6 Ways

Be More Likable in an Interview Get the two-thumbs up evaluation by speaking more conversationally and listening in turn. Doing this makes the interviewers appreciate you more, and you won’t have to rely on overly rehearsed answers.

Mar, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Never Say No to an Interview

Reasons You Should Never Say No to an InterviewThough you may not be looking for a job, strive to always be up for an interview. You can use this experience to network and even practice for future interviews.

Jan, 2015

How to Look Interview-Ready as an Intern in 4 Ways

Look Interview-Ready as an Intern Dressing up for the job boosts your chances of getting employed.

Whether you’re looking for an internship or looking to move from intern to employee, you need to look the part.

Jan, 2015

7 Things Not to Do Before Your Job Interview

Things Not to Do Before Your Job InterviewWhat you do before the interview can affect your performance during the interview. Know the basic do’s and don’ts to avoid letting your nerves take over.

Dec, 2014

6 Ways to Fight Off Interview Nerves

Fight Off Interview NervesA job interview takes a lot of confidence and courage, together with preparation. It is normal to feel anxious waiting, knowing that you’re a couple of minutes away from hearing your name called. When this happens, it is possible for the jitters to ruin your performance and even cost you your candidacy for the job. To avoid this, here are some tips on how to combat your nerves before the interview:

Nov, 2014

Acing Interview Prep in 6 Easy Steps

Acing Interview Prep Preparing for an interview is a must if you don’t want to commit rookie mistakes the moment you enter the room.

Nov, 2014

5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Interview Mistakes to Avoid When you’re on the career path, it is best not to commit amateur mistakes, especially if you want to get employed quickly.

If you’re reading this article, you’re either up for an interview or you’ve just started looking for a new job. This article will help you avoid committing a rookie error during the interview.

Nov, 2014

5 Tips on How to Interview your Interviewer

Interview your InterviewerHere’s how to ask the right questions during an interview, even when in doubt.

As a prospective candidate for a position, you have a chance to sell yourself to the interviewer. It’s also a chance for you to get to know the people who work there before accepting the job offer.

Nov, 2014

Guide to Mastering an Interview Image for Job Seekers

Interview Image for Job SeekersAs we all know, your professional attire for a job interview is important — it represents your personality and preferences. Dressing down is not an option, unless you want to give a negative impression the moment you walk into the room. Here are some tips to consider before putting your coffee-stained dress shirt on:

Sep, 2014

Too Many Interviews, No Job Offers – Here’s What to Change

No Job Offers If you’ve been looking for a job for too long, then it’s probably time to evaluate your actions. Are you doing something wrong? Have you been performing poorly during interviews? Here’s what to do in order to bring you a step closer to employment.