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Interview Tips (163)

Aug, 2013

8 Informational Interview Tips for Every Job Seeker

Informational Interview TipsLooking for a job has become extremely difficult. If sending piles of resumes isn’t working for you, it’s about time to get creative with your job search by adding informational interviews.

Jul, 2013

Unusual Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes in the InterviewWe can all recall a specific moment in our lives when we had an especially bad case of butterflies in our stomach. Stuttering through a speech, slipping in front of everyone or staring into space—all of us had that nerve-racking moment that we can never forget.

Without a doubt, a job interview can make us feel this way. Our judgment can become clouded with pressure and excitement, leading to embarrassing decisions and mistakes that were never supposed to happen.

Jul, 2013

Dress to Impress in Your Next Job Interview

Interview AttireYour attire is an important element of any job interview. Since you are facing your prospective employer, you have to create a positive impression from the get-go. Before you say anything, the interviewer will already be judging you based on what you’re wearing.

Jul, 2013

10 Ways Not to Blow a Job Interview

Interview TipsGoing on job interviews can be exhausting. Since the economy doesn’t seem to be getting much better, however, acing that interview is essential to getting ahead in your career.

Jun, 2013

7 Interviewer Pet Peeves to Avoid

Annoyed InterviewerYou’re feeling good today because you were invited to an interview. You feel even better because you know that you have the perfect skills and experience; plus, you’ve already prepared a list of questions and answers. However, once you get to the interview, you did some small thing that irritated the interviewer. You can prevent this from happening by learning about the following common interviewer pet peeves.

May, 2013

3 Types of Bad Interviewers and How to Deal with Them

Bad InterviewerIt’s been a long time coming. You’ve been searching for a job for weeks now, and this is the first time you were invited for an interview. So, you got ready by getting a good night’s sleep and preparing answers to every possible interview question you can think of. However, when you arrive for the interview, you’re faced with the one thing you didn’t prepare yourself for: a bad interviewer.

May, 2013

Why a Phone Interview Is Not as Easy as It Sounds

Phone InterviewSooner or later in your job search, you will likely have to deal with a phone interview. This is not uncommon in the early stages of the interview process. Phone interviews are also common for remote or virtual job positions.

Apr, 2013

7 Tips to Writing Your First Resume

Resume WritingEveryone needs a good resume in order to get a job, but not everyone can write a good resume on the first try. Most people think that writing a resume is easy but find out otherwise when employers don’t respond. Compiling bits of information and calling it a resume doesn’t make it a resume. You need to craft it so that employers see the value you can bring to their company.

Apr, 2013

6 Tips for Your First Informational Interview

Informational InterviewThere are times when sending hundreds of resumes to companies is just not enough, so taking a new approach might be warranted. For some, the approach they take is doing informational interviews. Why? It’s a great way to build your network and open up new opportunities while gaining deeper insight into your particular field.

Mar, 2013

5 of the Worst Interview Answers

Bad answersYou come to an interview hoping to impress the interviewer, but instead you do the exact opposite. You think your answers are the best, but in reality you’re ruining your chances of getting the job. So if you’re using any of these answers in the interview, it’s time to scrap them and find something better.