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Mar, 2019

How Can You Convince An Interviewer When There’s Age Gap

How Can You Convince An Interviewer When Theres Age GapEric Schmidt helped build Google.
In the book he wrote with Jonathon Rosenberg, called How Google Works, they talk about their "LAX rule" for choosing the best new hires.
It's a company house rule that every manager was encouraged to follow.
And the reason I'm telling you about it now is that a lot of hiring managers, especially younger ones look up to Eric Schmidt. They've read How Google Works, and they use this "LAX rule" for their own hiring decisions.
It goes like this:
If the hiring manager was trapped in LAX because their flight was delayed, could they endure 4-5 hours talking with this candidate?

Mar, 2019

How To Walk Into Your Next Interview

How To Walk Into Your Next InterviewLet's talk about "mojo".
It's that indescribable quality – which most of us have experienced at some point in our lives – when people just respond to you differently.
They laugh at your jokes.
They take you more seriously.

Dec, 2018

Stroll Into Interviews with this Ace in Your Pocket

Stroll Into Interviews with this Ace in Your PocketAfter helping thousands of people over the years, I’ve learned something important:

The best candidates have a “secret advantage” that not only makes them a lot more likely to get the job but also makes them more likely to earn more money and better benefits.

It also makes them feel much less stressed when they walk into an interview.

Dec, 2018

How to Protect Yourself from Discrimination in an Interview

How to protect yourself from discrimination in an interviewBack in college, I knew a guy that I couldn’t stand to be around for more than 13 seconds.

Let’s call him “Ethan.”

Now, Ethan wasn’t a bad person or anything like that – we just held radically different worldviews. Plus, his manner of speaking and fake baritone laugh made my skin crawl.

From my perspective, he was an arrogant know-it-all who craved attention in the worst way, and I wanted nothing to do with him. (Okay, so I guess Ethan still isn't my favorite person...)

Nov, 2018

How to Control Your Nerves During an Interview

How to Control Your Nerves During an InterviewRecently a great success story came in from “J.”

She wrote in to share how she aced her interview:

I just got the job!

It’s an Aerospace Instructor position at National Park College in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Nov, 2018

Trouble Sleeping Before the Big Interview?

Trouble Sleeping Before the Big InterviewInteresting fact:

David Dinges, a University of Pennsylvania professor (who also conducted sleep studies for NASA), says the average adult needs to get 7.5 hours of high-quality shut-eye if they want to give their best the next day.

You may have heard that before.

Nov, 2018

Interview Sabotage - Debbie Downer

Interview Sabotage Debbie DownerA particular relative of mine dropped by for a visit.

We hadn’t seen her in several months — for a good reason.

I’ll explain why in just a moment. But first, here’s what happened:

Oct, 2018

Body Language Missteps that Sabotage interviews?

Body Language Missteps that Sabotage interviewsIf you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a story or two about “Judy.”

To clarify, Judy isn’t actually a single person.

Instead, she’s a very realistic portrait – a mix or amalgam if you will – of dozens of good friends, happy clients, and Interview Success Formula members that I’ve helped over the years.

Sep, 2018

Why You?

Why YouLet’s say you can have your dream job right now if you can answer this question. Why you?

A lot of people imagine what it feels like to be working their dream job but don’t consider what it would take to get there.  

Imagine your dream job. Go ahead and do it now. Picture in your mind your ideal role and visualize sitting across from the hiring manager in an interview.

Aug, 2018

Interviews I Regret

Interviews I RegretI've failed several important job interviews in my life.

(At least, they were very important to me at the time.)

The ones that hurt the most were the ones where I looked back over the coming days, weeks and months and felt the piercing sting of regret.