Jan, 2020

How to Do Research before Switching Careers

How to Do Research before Switching CareersIf we talk about the number of careers available in the world, it would be impossible to quantify them all. But while there’s an extensive range of career availability, most of us have very limited understanding or view of what these careers are actually all about. This is why it’s imperative that people aren’t only aware of the options available to them but they should also understand everything that a job opportunity entails. This is where research comes in.

Jan, 2020

What to do When Recruiters Ghost You

What to do When Recruiters Ghost YouCutting ties and ending relationships are utterly heartbreaking, let alone experiencing it unexpectedly in the most painful way possible - ghosting. Ghosting is a term popularized in the digital age which is used when someone has stopped communication with a person. Sadly, being ghosted isn’t something people in relationships experience because it happens in the corporate world, too. Yes, you read that right. Jobseekers are also at a risk of being ghosted by recruiters and hiring managers. It’s when you’ve gone through the screening process and are positive about hearing positive results only to end up waiting for nothing - no calls, no emails, no next steps, no nothing.

How to Find Out if Your Career’s On Track

How to Find Out if Your Careers On TrackEver tried to reflect about the career decisions you’ve made, wondering whether or not you’ve made the right decisions? Or second-guess the choices you’ve made and steps taken towards achieving your career goals? That’s the thing. Careers are unpredictable and it’s not always easy to see whether or not you’re on the right track. If you find yourself caught in the same dilemma, don’t worry. Here are some questions that will help you make sure that your career is where you want it to be.

Jan, 2020

4 Tips for Finding a Remote Work

4 Tips for Finding a Remote WorkIt’s no secret that remote jobs have gained popularity over the recent years and for good reasons. People who have opted to pursue various careers by working from home have discovered several advantages. Besides the fact that you won’t have to deal with the daily stress that the traffic and commuting entail, being able to work remotely allows you to manage your own time, enjoy work-life balance, save more money and a lot more! If you have considered remote jobs, too, here are some of the tips you might find handy.

5 Tips in Negotiating a Salary

5 Tips for Negotiating a SalarySo you’re glad you finally got an offer on the table! Congratulations! But instead of stepping out of the interview room happy, there’s one more thing that worries you - your salary. Many people make the mistake of simply accepting what they are offered because well, let’s admit, negotiating a salary isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would have no hesitation in doing it. Some also fear that attempting to discuss and negotiate the compensation package might sweep the job offer away.

Jan, 2020

Tips for Finding an Introvert-Friendly Workplace

Tips for Finding an Introvert Friendly WorkplaceIn order to succeed, every jobseeker tries to look for a workplace that can meet their unique needs. The same is true for introverts. They need to look for a company that fits their personality and work style. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with being an introvert or that you can’t be part of a dynamic team just because of your personality. In fact, companies have a better shot at success if they’re able to create the kind of environment diverse enough to include people with unique talents and personalities.

Jan, 2020

4 Reasons Why New College Grads Should Consider Flexible Jobs

4 Reasons Why New College Grads Should Consider Flexible JobsNo two people have the same exact journeys, even when it comes to the job search process. Some people are fortunate enough to land their dream career in a wink of an eye without even trying so hard while others go the extra mile just to find employment. But no matter which way it goes, flexible jobs are an excellent choice to consider, especially for new college grads.


Jan, 2020

5 Blunders to Weed out to Win the Interview

How to Win the Interview by Weeding out These Blunders 1Hunting for a new job isn’t as easy as it sounds. As it happens, it requires a lot of preparation and the entire process can be nerve-wracking and quite stressful. From choosing the right clothes to reflecting the demeanor you want to portray and getting ready for the questions you may possibly be asked - you only have one goal and that is to ace them all.


Jan, 2020

4 Tips to Help you Find a Side Job

4 Tips to Help you Find a Side JobPeople look for side jobs for varied reasons. Some because they want something to keep them busy, some to pursue their passion, some to learn a new skill and some others to make ends meet. Regardless of the reason, having a side hustle offers a number of benefits and if you’re considering looking for one, here are some tips to help you look for a side job.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Resignation

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering ResignationLeaving your current employment seems to be a piece of cake. It may be true for one but it may not be the same for another. Regardless of what the case is, it wouldn’t hurt to think about the manner in which you leave and how you leave stuff behind.