3 Tips to Make the Transition from Working Remotely to Office Role Easier

3 Tips to Make the Transition from Working Remotely to Office Work EasierWorking from home or working remotely offers several advantages. For people who want to have more control over their time, want to have more flexibility and those who want to earn money in the comfort of their own home, doing remote work is like living the dream. However, the decision to go in-house isn’t necessarily for everyone.

Work Life Balance: 4 Helpful Tips for Working Parents

Work Life Balance 4 Helpful Tips for Working ParentsBeing a parent is no easy journey. It’s the only role in the world that requires you to wear several hats. And the journey doesn’t get any easier especially when you’re trying to juggle home and the demands of work.

It’s no secret that working parents have one too many things on their plate and it is enough to send your stress levels to the ceiling. And even if you want to just quit and rest, you know that you can’t because you have your kids and family relying on you.

Mar, 2020

Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep Tips

Nail your Job Interview with these 5 Prep TipsThe interview process plays a huge part in helping a hiring manager determine whether or not a candidate is fit for the job. This means that if you’re applying for a career of a lifetime, the interview isn’t something you should take lightly. You have to come in prepared. By preparedness means doing beyond Googling possible interview questions. It’s more of making sure you make the right impression and exhibiting your knowledge in the position you’re applying for.

Top 4 Qualities You Need to be an Amazing Leader

Top 4 Qualities You Need to be an Amazing LeaderBeing an effective and successful leader is so much harder than it looks. It isn’t a walk in the park and certainly is not for everyone. Leadership, after all, goes beyond just providing directions and command and exercising authority. It requires a sense of responsibility and accountability. What makes it even more complicated is the fact that it’s not something that is learned within the four walls of a classroom.

Feb, 2020

4 Tips you Need to Nail your Next Phone Interview and Land your Dream Job

4 Tips you Need to Nail your Next Phone Interview and Land your Dream JobSo you’ve furnished a stellar resume, submitted a well-crafted application letter, and put everything you need together to apply for that job post you’ve long been waiting for. And then, to your delight, you’ve successfully caught the attention of the hiring manager. Now they want to get to know you more and you are scheduled for a phone interview. 

Feb, 2020

4 Important Elements to a Winning Resume

4 Important Elements to a Winning ResumeWhether it’s your first time to look for a job or you’ve been wanting to explore other career opportunities, a resume will always be one of the most important things you need to secure. A resume is a written summary of your key credentials, previous employment history (if you have any), educational background and skills relevant to the position you’re applying for. Your resume is the first thing a potential employer looks at before they consider an individual as a suitable candidate.

Feb, 2020

Working Remotely? Here are Ways to Expand your Network

Working Remotely Here are Ways to Expand your NetworkA person’s success in career may be attributed to a number of different factors but it’s largely a result of the information and knowledge they have pooled over the past. Whatever knowledge you acquire over the years of your employment, however, doesn’t just come from your training and hands-on experience. It is also a product of the ideas you have collected from the people you network with. Yes. Your professional network plays an important role in your career success. But what if you’re working remotely and you enjoy the flexibility of working from home? How do you expand your network so you don’t get left out in terms of creating opportunities for yourself?

How Therapy can Help your Career and Work Life

How Therapy can Help your Career and WorklifeTwo of the constant things in this world are stress and problems. And because these things aren’t just something you can snap out of whenever you wish to, we often look for our own go-to mechanism to alleviate the stress and tackle our problems.

One of the known methods for creating a healthier relationship with stress is through therapy. Therapy is working with a trained professional to help an individual manage their own emotions and better understand themselves, their thoughts, feelings and relationship to stress. Because there is also such a thing called workplace stress, therapy can also come in handy if you’re working in a stressful environment. Read on and learn how therapy can help you perform better and thrive in your workplace.


Social Media Do’s and Dont’s for your Career

Social Media Dos and Donts for your CareerThe advent of the internet has paved the way to the birth of an extremely powerful tool almost every person on this planet uses now - social media. Whether personal or business, we can all agree that social media is a tremendously helpful tool that has significantly changed our lives. From sharing personal events, communicating with people from across the globe, building your brand and growing your network, social media feels like more of a necessity nowadays. But because almost everyone practically has a social media account on at least one platform, you have to learn how to use social media wisely, especially when applying for a job.

Feb, 2020

How to do Job Search while Dealing with Depression

How to do Job Search while Dealing with DepressionDepression is a serious mental illness that goes beyond simply feeling lonely or sad. It’s a more severe condition that can disrupt a person’s career, relationships, and daily routine. The causes and symptoms of depression may vary per person but generally speaking, it’s when you find it difficult to focus or concentrate; or you can’t find reasons to be joyful and positive because everything seems hopeless; or your energy levels are too low and getting out of bed each morning feels like a chore.