How Therapy can Help your Career and Work Life

How Therapy can Help your Career and WorklifeTwo of the constant things in this world are stress and problems. And because these things aren’t just something you can snap out of whenever you wish to, we often look for our own go-to mechanism to alleviate the stress and tackle our problems.

One of the known methods for creating a healthier relationship with stress is through therapy. Therapy is working with a trained professional to help an individual manage their own emotions and better understand themselves, their thoughts, feelings and relationship to stress. Because there is also such a thing called workplace stress, therapy can also come in handy if you’re working in a stressful environment. Read on and learn how therapy can help you perform better and thrive in your workplace.


Social Media Do’s and Dont’s for your Career

Social Media Dos and Donts for your CareerThe advent of the internet has paved the way to the birth of an extremely powerful tool almost every person on this planet uses now - social media. Whether personal or business, we can all agree that social media is a tremendously helpful tool that has significantly changed our lives. From sharing personal events, communicating with people from across the globe, building your brand and growing your network, social media feels like more of a necessity nowadays. But because almost everyone practically has a social media account on at least one platform, you have to learn how to use social media wisely, especially when applying for a job.

Feb, 2020

How to do Job Search while Dealing with Depression

How to do Job Search while Dealing with DepressionDepression is a serious mental illness that goes beyond simply feeling lonely or sad. It’s a more severe condition that can disrupt a person’s career, relationships, and daily routine. The causes and symptoms of depression may vary per person but generally speaking, it’s when you find it difficult to focus or concentrate; or you can’t find reasons to be joyful and positive because everything seems hopeless; or your energy levels are too low and getting out of bed each morning feels like a chore.


Feb, 2020

5 Tips for Staying Organized during your Job Search

5 Tips for Staying Organized During your Job SearchThe job search process involves a lot of steps and logistics. It becomes even more complicated when you’re applying for several jobs at once. And because there’s just a lot of things to manage, staying on top of your stuff by being organized is paramount. After all, you won’t want to end up making unnecessary mistakes while working on landing your dream job.

5 Bad Work Habits You Need to Ditch ASAP

5 Bad Work Habits You Need to Ditch ASAPWhether you have been enjoying your career for several years now or you just joined the workforce, there will always be these tiny little things you’d pick up or adopt along the way which eventually become habits. The problem is not all habits are positive habits. Some are bad enough to hamper your career success. And if your goal is to make the most of every opportunity to advance in your career, you should take the necessary steps towards a healthier and more productive work life. Keep reading and see which bad work habits are needed to go away as soon as possible!


4 Qualities of a Good Career Mentor

4 Qualities of a Good Career MentorIs there any person you look up to right now? Someone you draw inspiration from because they are successful or they do good in their family life perhaps or career? This is actually similar to having a mentor. When you have a mentor, you have someone who provides you with support, tools, and feedback. This person is someone who helps you stay grounded while encouraging you to push harder in achieving your goals, especially when the going gets tough. And if you have big dreams in terms of your career, having a career mentor would come in handy.

4 Reasons Why Personal Development is Good for your Career

4 Reasons Why Personal Development is Good for your CareerBecause no one is born perfect, we always seek ways to develop and improve ourselves. Life progresses and we always have to find ways to adapt to changing environments and a variety of circumstances. After all, personal growth and development is crucial not only to our personal lives but it can also give us some personal gains. But what is personal development anyway?

Feb, 2020

4 Ways to Decide Whether or Not to Switch Companies

4 Ways to Decide Whether or Not to Switch CompaniesLike everything else in our lives, nothing is perfect. Whether in relationships, career life, and everything in between, things always have their ups and downs. It’s the same with your job. Any career or workplace, for that matter, isn’t always a bed of roses. And sometimes, you might find yourself wondering whether or not it’s time to quit.

4 Tips for Dealing with Workplace Bullies

4 Tips for Dealing with Workplace BulliesIf you think stepping out of high school means bidding the bullies goodbye, you thought wrong. Unfortunately, bullying isn’t something you can leave past behind you when you’re already an adult and have joined the workforce. In fact, bullies might just be some of the people you will have to deal with or have dealt with at work. If you have been insulted, criticized or have received inappropriate remarks from a colleague, chances are you have experienced being attacked by bullies at your workplace.

Feb, 2020

What are Interpersonal Skills and How they Can Help you in your Career

What are Interpersonal Skills and How they Can Help you in your CareerThe importance of interpersonal skills in a workplace cannot be discounted. These skills allow an individual to create and develop good working relationships with their co-workers, clients and bosses which are a crucial factor in their career success. But what exactly are interpersonal skills?