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6 Tips to Help You with Your Job Search

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6 Tips to Help You with Your Job SearchTrying to find an ideal job, the one that’s fulfilling and rewarding in many different ways, isn’t a walk in the park. And if you’ve been doing it for quite a while now, you’d understand why. Despite the insane amount of time you spend on furnishing your resume, submitting applications and attending interviews, it feels like landing a great job is a far-fetched dream.

How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand on your ResumeWhen it comes to job search, an effective resume goes a long way. This document is more than just a summary of your credentials, background, previous work experiences and skills. This contains the information that makes or breaks your chances of getting hired by a potential employer. And if you want to increase your odds of job search success, it’s even more important to write a compelling resume with a strong and powerful personal brand - the kind that highlights your strengths and skills.

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Top 4 Tips when Applying for Jobs

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Top 4 Tips when Applying for JobsEmbarking on a new job search journey can be exciting and daunting at the same time. It’s exciting because it’s going to be a brand new start of a new career and professional life; daunting because this journey involves a long, strenuous process. Not to mention the competition that’s getting tougher with more job seekers making their way through an ever competitive job market. So how do you increase your chances of landing your dream job? Read on for some tips you might find handy.

4 Tips on How to Take Charge of your Own Career GrowthOne of the reasons why many employees make the difficult decision of leaving a job is that they seek opportunity for growth. So, why is career growth really important? Besides financial growth, there are several other important reasons why you should seek and take charge of your own career growth.

For one, talented people should be proactively looking for ways to advance in a company or workplace. It may entail more responsibilities but it will also increase your job satisfaction. Career growth will also help expand your own knowledge, skills and abilities which will not only help you grow career-wise at the same time contribute to your overall growth.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Quitting your Job

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5 Things You Shouldnt Do When Quitting your JobEmployees have varied reasons for leaving a job. Some to be with their significant other in another country, some to switch to a different career path while some others because they’re simply not happy anymore. But regardless of the reason behind your decision for moving on, know that there’s always a good way to resign. Here’s a list of some of the things you shouldn’t do when quitting your job.


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5 Tips to Help you Adjust to a New Job

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5 Tips to Help you Adjust to a New JobStarting a new job can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Exciting because it’s the start of a new journey - with a new career, new work environment, new colleagues. Daunting because it entails a lot of adjustments to the company culture. You’ll have to get caught up with the rest of your team so there’s going to be information overload. You’ll also have to learn how to adjust with your co-workers and do your best to fit into the culture of your new workplace.

To say that this phase in one’s career journey is tough would be an understatement. But there are several ways on how you can make the transition easy.

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6 Tips for Handling Workplace Stress

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6 Tips for Handling Workplace StressIt’s no secret that workplace is one of the sources of many people’s daily stress. After all, there’s no such thing as a perfect workplace or a perfect job. There will always be days when your good isn’t enough; days when there’s frustration, disappointment, failures and mistakes. But, all these things are normal.

However, while experiencing workplace stress doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong, too much of it can be detrimental to your health. In fact, it can be deadly. So, how do you handle workplace stress and keep it at bay? Here are some tips you might find handy.

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How to Make an Impact on Your First Week as a Boss

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How to Make an Impact on Your First Week as a BossSo, you have now been promoted as a new manager in your company. Congratulations! You have taken a major step towards the advancement of your career. Being a manager means a great deal of responsibility. You have people to manage, accomplish goals on a larger scale, be more involved in your industry. All these while still making continued progress towards your personal and professional growth.

Whether it is your first time as a manager or an experienced one taking over a new team, the first weeks are crucial. It allows you to have an opportunity to create a positive impression and start building credibility with the members of the team. Every move you make will be watched, either by your direct superior, your team members or your peers. Starting strong in this new role is important.

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How to Make the Most of a Dead-End Job

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How to Make the Most of a Dead End JobHave you ever felt that your job is becoming more of a routine than a passionate career? Do you feel uninspired or not challenged by your work anymore? Did you try that promotion you have been longing but never got it? Do you feel that you lack professional growth opportunities and not getting enough challenges in your current organization? You must probably be stuck in a dead-end job.

Remember, that is not the end of the world yet and you are not alone in this battle. If you are a middle manager working in an environment where you feel that you have no purpose, lacking autonomy and hating the rest of the days working, then you will have to rethink about the career you have right now.

A study conducted by The Conference Board shows that there are about 63% of 1500 workers were unsatisfied with their career and the lack of options for growth. Work burnout or dead-end job depression is likely to happen when you feel like there are no ways to achieve professional growth.

Replacing your Resume Objective with a Personal Brand StatementIt’s that time for a job search and you rush to find your resume to have it updated. As it turns out, yours is an outdated resume. Job seekers now ditch the conventional resume objective in exchange for a more advanced marketing-driven personal brand statement. Personal branding is important and required for your resume to stand out.

A personal brand statement should be built around what skills you are good at and fit for your target employer. Resume branding is a great way to help you clearly determine and communicate what makes you different from ay job-seeking competitors. Basically, a personal brand statement sums up your unique and special promise of value.

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