Quitting While Youre Ahead in High Stakes SituationsImagine this:

There’s a street BBQ happening on your street, and you’re chatting with a new couple who just moved in down the block. They’re articulate, successful entrepreneurs, they’re fun to be around, and they seem like exactly the kind of people you’d love to have as friends.

Everything’s going well, you’ve shared some laughs, and you know you’ve made a good impression.

How body language can make or break many social situationsI have a confession to make.

It’s all about how I made an absolute fool of myself a few years back.

Even though it only lasted a few moments, it taught me a lesson of a lifetime.

Body Language Missteps that Sabotage interviewsIf you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a story or two about “Judy.”

To clarify, Judy isn’t actually a single person.

Instead, she’s a very realistic portrait – a mix or amalgam if you will – of dozens of good friends, happy clients, and Interview Success Formula members that I’ve helped over the years.

The SWITCH Body Language SecretDid you ever notice this?

You're having a "high stakes" conversation with someone, like a job interview, or a salary negotiation, or a tense discussion with a friend.

And although it all started so well, there comes a point when you realize that the vibe has changed and the entire conversation has been derailed.

The No. 1 Rule of Body LanguageSolid body language is a game changer.

It alters the way others perceive you – it makes people respect you more, trust you more, and value more, by increasing your perceived status.

But a lot of folks have it completely wrong.

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First ImpressionHere's a common interview situation you might have experienced too, especially if you're a more experienced candidate:

(What I'm about to share matters with every other high-stakes meeting you might face as well.)

So – you're sitting patiently in the lobby, waiting for the interviewer to come down and meet you, skimming through the company magazine perhaps.

Why YouLet’s say you can have your dream job right now if you can answer this question. Why you?

A lot of people imagine what it feels like to be working their dream job but don’t consider what it would take to get there.  

Imagine your dream job. Go ahead and do it now. Picture in your mind your ideal role and visualize sitting across from the hiring manager in an interview.

Pushed into Retiring EarlyToday, I'd like to share a story.

It's about a woman I used to know many years ago.

Even today it still makes me sad, and even a little angry. I've changed the names (just in case she's reading this!), but this story is one of the reasons why I decided to devote my life to helping folks get the jobs they deserve.

Irons in the FireHave you heard of the phrase “irons in the fire” ?

I'm a big believer of this concept.

In other words, creating as many real opportunities for yourself as possible. Not "resumes submitted", but positions where you are under serious consideration. That way, if a job offer falls through or if you experience bad luck in the interview, you can dust yourself off and walk into the next opportunity confident.

How to Handle People Who Talk Over YouWe’ve all experienced it.

You’re sharing an idea at a meeting, but people are talking over you and ignoring what you’re saying. Then, just 15 mins later – as you stare in silent disbelief – someone else suggests the same idea, everyone loves it, and you never get the credit.

Why does this happen?

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