How to Get Promoted to a Management PositionFind out how to get your superior’s attention by improving your leadership skills.

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Things to Check Before Applying for a Job

Things to Check Before Applying for a JobAre you ready to enter the workforce again? Here’s how to leave a positive impression as soon as you hand in your resume.

Job Interview Tips How to Strike the BalanceFind out how to leave a positive impression that will stand out.

What to Remove From Your Resume Right NowDon’t hesitate to delete, edit or reformat your resume as you craft it.

When drafting a resume, you have to be willing to hit the delete button as many times as needed to ensure your resume is ready. There’s always something in your resume that can be changed to make way for more relevant details. And you have to make sure your resume passes the applicant tracking system (ATS) before anyone can see it.

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Extra LinkedIn Help for Busy Job Seekers

Extra LinkedIn Help for Busy Job SeekersUse the best tools on LinkedIn to help you score a job interview and find your next career opportunity.

Common Mistakes That May be Costing You an InterviewFind out how to fix your job application to get more opportunities.

3 Questions You Need to Answer to Land the JobIf you’ve been looking for a new job long-term, you’re probably now familiar with the most common interview questions, like, “Tell me about yourself” and “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Believe it or not, these questions actually have very little to do with the real questions involved in recruiters’ hiring decisions.

How Not to Turn Off Your Job InterviewerDon’t raise red flags during your interview.

It’s a must to prepare for a job interview. Know the basic etiquette—This includes bringing an extra copy of your resume, not bad-mouthing your previous employers, and arriving on time. However, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful during the interview if you want to leave a positive impression.

How to Establish Solid Connections for New NetworkersLearn how to make relevant connections to let more job opportunities come your way.

5 Mistakes that Will Send Your Resume to the Reject FileAvoid these pitfalls to get your resume sent to the right people.

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