How to Handle a Restaurant Interview Like a Pro

How to Handle a Restaurant Interview Like a Pro Once you have demonstrated how capable you are of doing the job, you can expect the company to call you in for an interview. If you are invited to talk business over a meal, this means you are under strong consideration. Find out what to do and what not to do to ace the interview.

First, make sure you bring your social graces with you, together with your communication and interpersonal skills, as they are all being judged by the recruiter. Your actions will help the interviewer determine if you can be trusted to represent the company.

Pay attention to some simple rules when it comes to a restaurant interview:

Be Mindful of Your Actions

Since interviews in restaurants are usually behavioral interviews in the raw, try not to knock things over on the table. Say please and thank you. Keep in mind that your behavior at the table is being judged by the employer. It doesn'tt matter if you can answer tough questions if your basic table manners and conversation skills are a letdown. The way you handle yourself will be a reflection of how well you interact with your peers and colleagues.

Order Standard Food

If youve been called in for a restaurant interview, remember that you are going inside the establishment mainly to talk, not eat. You can eat a protein bar beforehand to diminish your appetite and minimize the time you spend trying to avoid talking with your mouth full.

Stay away from ordering messy food such as pasta, spare ribs or anything expensive and exotic, if possible. Order something thats familiar and easy to eat. Dont request finger foods and overstuffed menu items. Once youve ordered, dont change it. Doing so shows indecision.

Stay Away from Alcohol

You need to focus on the interview, and gulping down a glass or two of alcohol can diminish your clarity of thought and cause stress during the conversation. It may ruin your chances, especially if you say something inappropriate.

Instead, order nonalcoholic drinks or just a glass of water. If the recruiter coerces you into ordering an alcoholic drink, stick to a white wine spritzer or light beer. Dont finish the whole thing, and never have more than a glass.

Be Considerate

Treat the servers well under all circumstances. Your teamwork and leadership skills will be put to the test in the restaurants environment. If you notice issues with food quality or service, dont return the food or complain about what you see. (The interview location was the recruiters choice.)

These tips should keep you on the right track when youre called in for an interview over a meal. Relax, wear a great smile and be confident as you walk into the restaurant.

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