10 Ways to a Winning Job Interview

Ways to a Winning Job Interview Have you finally been called in for an interview after sending in countless resumes? Nows not the time to diminish your chances, especially if youve been unemployed for an extended period. Know the basic dos and donts to help you get the job.

No matter how prepared you are for interview questions, knowing how to handle yourself before, during and after the interview is also important in order to ensure the recruiter gets the best impression of you.

Here are some tips to consider:

Research the Company

Research as much as you can before the interview. You wont need to askbasic questions about the companythe answers can most likely be found on thecompanys website. Read the companys description on their website, including their mission statement. Analyze the job description carefully and read recent news about the company.

Asking questions that the general public could easily find the answers to shows a lack of research and can cause you to lose points.

Arrive on Time

Always be punctual.This is important to any employer. If you come in late, your recruiter may assume that youll be coming to work late every day. To ensure youll be on time, take a drive to the interview location a few days before the interview to give yourself a chance to map out the best route. Leave as early as possible to account for any traffic delays or any inconveniencesthat may spring up.

Dress Professionally

Dress appropriately for the interview to create a good first impression. Make sure you dont come in wrinkled clothes. Dont wear ripped jeans orarrive with wet hair. Check your clothes for any stains and shine your shoes before you arrive.

Be Positive

Positive people are often team players. Practice your interview answers before your interview to make sure you dont inject any negative commentary into your answer (no matter how badly you may have been treated in your previous job). If your coworkers suffered from less-than-great attitudes, make sure you dont pass that information on, either.

Avoid Sounding Like a Cyborg

Avoid giving canned responses. The employer wants to see who you really are,not hear what youve read in an article. Tailor your responses by using personal and work-related anecdotes to keep the conversation natural.

Ask Questions

Use the interview as an opportunity to ask specific questions about the position and the company. Interactionis a sign of how interested you are in the position.

Control Your Nerves

Dont let your nerves take control. If something is unclear during the conversation, dont be afraid to ask. If you dont have an answer to a question, be honest. Your honesty can help you and the interviewer determine whether the job is truly right for you. Relax,take a deep breath, and use the interview as a path to discovery.

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Alan Carniol

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