How to Take Control in the Interview

How to Take Control in the Interview If you’re having a hard time dealing with job interviews, here are some strategies to help you calm your nerves and steer the interview to give yourself a positive, lasting impression:

Guide the Interview

You can shift the conversation away from irrelevancies by talking to your interviewer about points on your resume. Focus on the skills where you have expertise and ask a question to get back on track if the interview has taken a wrong turn.

This tip is helpful, especially if the interviewer isn’t asking questions. Use the opportunity to highlight your skills. Ask a job-related question that has a link to your strengths and achievements.

Interview the Interviewer

Think of the job interview as an opportunity to find out if you really want the job. Don’t wait until the end of the interview to ask questions. If you can, ask the interviewer why he or she enjoys working there. Listen carefully to the answer and let that guide additional questions.

Get Feedback

As much as possible, remove any doubts of your suitability by matching your strengths and skills with the description of the position you are applying for. Ask if the interviewer needs more information about you to allay any concerns. That feedback gives you a chance to gauge the interview.

Interrupt Politely

Don’t interrupt the interviewer out of the blue. Wait for a pause before speaking. Perhaps you can use body language to hint that you’re about to jump in (for example, by leaning forward). Providing appropriate information during appropriate pauses won’t be seen as discourteous.

Take Control of Your Nerves

If you’re asked an inappropriate question, proceed carefully. Address the concern behind the question without answering the question itself. (You don’t want to risk entering dicey legal territory.) You can phrase a response question in a way that will allow you to test out any assumptions you may have. If you’re not immediately sure how you should respond, ask the interviewer to clarify the question to give you time to think.

When a certain question knocks you off your pace, decide to be positive about it, and impress your interviewer.

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Alan Carniol

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