How to Dress for Success for Your Next Job Interview

Dress for Success for Your Next Job Interview If you think talent and experience is enough to get a job offer, think again. Sometimes, employers may give you a pass if you show up for an interview looking drab.

The way you dress says a lot about you. To keep the manager from having reservations about hiring you, here are some tips on how to choose your interview outfit:

Choose a simple color that isn’t distracting. You don’t want the interviewer to focus more on what you’re wearing than what you can offer to the company. Avoid busy patterns and colors that are too bold and loud.

Avoid wearing red and orange —it can overpower the interviewer. When in doubt, stick to standard business colors.

Black is a commanding color that shows authority. You may also opt to wear dark blue attire to have a calm, controlled, trustworthy and secure image. On the other hand, gray conveys confidence and sophistication.

Invest in a bespoke suit. Instead of buying a ready-to-wear suit, consider investing in a custom suit. It will always give a better impression.

Wearing a poorly fitted suit suggests that you lack an eye for detail. When choosing a suit, make sure the shoulder pads end at the shoulders; the jacket should also fit close to your body.

For women, don’t wear slacks that are too tight. Avoid showing too much skin.

Show sophistication when the dress code is smart casual. You can ditch the suit if the company you are applying for has requested that you follow a smart casual dress code.

Instead of a suit, you can wear a jacket or blazer over a polo or dress shirt. For women, avoid wearing flashy fabrics such as satin, lace or chiffon.

Play it safe with ink, piercings and facial hair. No matter how society has changed over the years, there are still many employers with unfavorable views of inked candidates.

To be safe, remove facial piercings and cover your tattoos until you know it’s okay for them to be seen. Trim and clean your facial hair for a neat appearance.

Keep your eyes open for details. Iron your clothes, polish your shoes and use a lint roller to keep your wardrobe clean. A polished appearance will show how much you care about the small details that create a put-together look.

Wear something that will make you feel confident yet comfortable. Know your style and match it with the vibe of the company to look smart and professional.

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Alan Carniol

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