Defining Your Power and Presence

Defining Your Power and PresenceScenario 1:You’re getting ready to walk through the doors of your next interview. You’re nervous and biting your nails, your palms are sweaty, and you’re worried about how this interview will go. You really want this job…

Scenario 2: You’re excited, eager and confident in your skin. You know that you have what it takes to do this job successfully. This is your time to interview the interviewer,  to see if this company has what you need to accept an offer from them.

As you imagine these two different scenarios, what comes to mind?

How does your body feel as you think about the 2 different scenarios?

Scenario 1:


You can smell it.

You can sense it and you can bet that the person interviewing you will see it in your eyes.

How do you overcome these natural instincts of fight or flight when it comes to an interview?

How do you flip your fear on its head to create a powerful presence and first impression?

It starts by knowing yourself well enough to stand in your own power.  Here are 4 key steps to help you walk into your next interview with your head held high, and ready to claim your next big career move.

Step 1:Identify Your Core Values. When you can identify the values and principles that are *really* important to you, they become the “true north” of your compass. This “true north” is the way and the truth of your heart.

These core values help you to further prioritize your goals so you can say Yes or No more effectively to opportunities as they present themselves based on what’s important to you. This will help reduce your feelings of nervousness and stress, create greater peace of mind, and the clarity to know if this opportunity is right for you.

What are your Top Ten Core Values?

What are the principals that you can’t live without and wouldn’t think of compromising? Some of mine include: creativity, making a difference through service, freedom & independence, learning & growth. What are some of yours?

Question to ponder: Where have your “Yes’s” been out of alignment with your values? What do you need to say No to in order to create more of what you want in your life?

Step 2:Getting Past the Lizard

Our fears are our own worst enemy.

Funny thing is, that “fear” talk is at the hands of a lizard!

Yup, it’s just your lizard brain (better known as your Amygdala), which causes you to go into a state of fight, flight or freeze based on “perceived” dangers.

Your job as the thinking modern day human (versus the cave man that had good reason to fear saber-tooth tigers) is to consciously choose how you want to Respond versus React to a perceived threat.

When you start to embrace your disempowering fears and negative self-talk, and see your fears for what they are, it’s easier to release them, which in turn releases their hold over you. This enables you to reclaim your voice and stand in your power with more confidence.

Few people understand that your greatest source of pain is actually your greatest source of power. When you confront the fears that hold you back, you can transmute that negative energy into positive power, purpose and passion.

Question to ponder: What is a different perspective you can take on a fear that is keeping you stuck? i.e. What perspective will be more empowering, helping you reclaim your self-confidence?

Step 3: Claiming Your Genius. Your unique talents are those things that come so naturally to you that you’re almost completely unconscious of them. They’re like breathing. You just do them. We all have our own inherent talents and strengths. I call this your “Genius Zone”.

When you tap into these talents, with intention, and focus your efforts through these strengths (instead of trying to “fix” the things that you don’t do very well), you will give your self-confidence a natural boost. You’ll stand a little taller, speak a little louder and be more likely to share your vision and ideas clearly with others.  

Sometimes though it’s hard to see your own strengths. Having an outside perspective is crucial to understanding how to make the most of your strengths and weaknesses so you can find that “sweet spot” to best operate from, you know, that place of flow where things unfold effortlessly.  

While there are a variety of different assessment tools available to help you find your natural talents and genius, you can also take a quick poll of friends and colleagues who know you really well from different facets of your life — work, hobbies, volunteer positions etc. You can ask them questions like: “What skills and talents do I take for granted?” or “What are some of my natural leadership attributes that I can bring to my work?”

Question to ponder: Where might you be under-utilizing your strengths, and how can you step more fully into your “Genius Zone” on a day-to-day basis for greater success?

Step 4: Own the Room. What impact do you have on others when you walk in a room, even before you utter a word? More importantly, what kind of impact do you WANT to have on the room? When you become more mindful of your own energy, you’ll start to see how it can positively (or negatively) impacts those around you.  

You’ve probably had the chance to work with someone who has a really bad attitude, yes? Thinking back on that moment, did you enjoy being around or working with that “Negative Nellie?” (Or perhaps it was a “Hateful Harold”) Probably not so much!

As you identify your values, purpose and Genius Zone, and start to consciously embody them, this tends to expand your confidence and presence in a positive way.  

Science has proven that your energy field radiates out in all directions around you by about two feet. So naturally, as your confidence, joy and clarity rises, your energy expands in all directions along with it, creating that intangible positive feeling for others.  

This is your mirror neurons at work, aligning your energy with those around you. You will either level up or level down depending on the overarching energy of the room.  

Remember, the person with the biggest energy wins.  So “Be the Ball Danny” and have your positive energy be the thing that lights up the room to make a powerful first impression.

Question to ponder: What kind of impact are you having as a leader? If it’s not what you’d like it to be, what needs to shift?

Scenario 2:

Job Hunting EtiquetteConfidence is palpable.

The more awareness and clarity you have about your own inner landscape, the more confidence you will exude, positively affecting your outer landscape.

Through consistently aligning your inner essence with your energy, presence and actions, you’ll be able to more authentically speak your voice, stand in your power and become a more effective leader.  

As you practice doing this, you’ll realize that it takes less energy and effort to stand in this congruent place as well, putting you more at ease.  
And it’s this sense of ease in which you move through the world, that “je ne sais quoi,” that people naturally take notice of.

It’s what has them lean in further to hear what you have to say, as you stand head and shoulders above the crowd — thus making you the obvious choice for the awesome new job you’re competing for.

Michele Molitor, founder of San Francisco Bay Area Nectar Consulting, is an executive coach, business consultant and inspirational speaker who is known for bringing clarity to business.

Working with smart, savvy women leaders, Michele assists her clients to reclaim their Time, Energy and Purpose.  To receive your free copy of: “Reclaiming Your Time: How To Stand In Your Power (Without Being a B*tch)” visit

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