May, 2013

Five Body Language Signals You Must Avoid

Body LanguageEveryone is nervous before an interview—it’s a fact that no one can deny—but that’s no reason to let your body language ruin your chances of getting the job. Let’s look at the five body language signals that you should definitely avoid in an interview.

Heavy sweating – Nothing is a more obvious giveaway of nervousness than sweat, especially for those who naturally sweat a lot. It would be smart to bring a handkerchief or napkin so you’ll have something to wipe your sweat away. Another tip is to have a bottle of water to help you cool down.

Why is this bad? It can be interpreted as you not being able to handle yourself in high-pressure situations, a critical skill in the business world.

Stuttering with words – When your nervousness gets the better of you, you lose control. You start to act and move without thinking; this is why practicing is important, as you will have more awareness and self-control when you start stutter or fumble with words.

Why is this bad? When the position you want involves a lot of interaction with other people, you will really look bad because an interviewer may worry that you might not be up to par when talking to other people, especially big clients.

Talking too fast – Some of us are naturally fast talkers, but there’s a limit to how fast you should talk during an interview. When you talk too fast, you don’t give the listener a chance to respond or understand everything that you’re saying.

Why is this bad? Much like stuttering with words, you need to deliver your sales pitch smoothly and at the pace. If you’re someone who isn’t good at this, then you will need to work on these skills—or look for a different job position.

Too many gestures – There is a reason why people say, “Everything in moderation”; anything that is done in excess can hurt you. Gestures are a good way to express yourself, but when overdone, they can be distracting during a conversation.

Why is this bad? Put simply, excessive gestures make you look unprofessional. While your friends might tolerate your demonstrative tendencies, gesticulations should be kept under control during a job interview.

Interviews are a complex and delicate process. There are things that work well in some situations but that might be problematic in others. Being aware of your body language will help you to find the right balance and succeed in establishing rapport in your next interview.


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