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Oct, 2013

The 4 Kinds of Interviewers—and How to Make Them Like You

Kinds of InterviewersInterviewers have different styles when it comes to assessing an applicant and asking questions. Some do not show any facial expression, while others are more expressive. Some may be kind and accommodating, and some might be very hard to please. Even if you have prepared extensively for the interview and practiced answers to all possible questions, there will still be some uneasiness on your part. You might still get that little twinge of anxiety.

Sep, 2013

Talking about Your Ideal Work Environment

Ideal Work EnvironmentOne of the many factors that can affect job performance is work environment. It has a significant influence on how a person feels about his or her work. This environment includes your relation with your coworkers and supervisors, the company’s culture, the organization’s room for personal development, and so on.

Aug, 2013

How to Overcome the Interview Nerves

Interview BluesYou have an interview coming up, and this is your chance to prove yourself. You only have one shot, and you need to get it right on the first try. You’re excited and enthusiastic, but you also feel nervous and uncertain about what might happen. How do you overcome this?

Aug, 2013

Interview: Are You Impressive or Not?

Impressing in the InterviewIf we were to write a list of everything you need to know about interviewing, it would take a lot of time and paper. A huge number of books and articles are available on this topic, many of them giving contradictory advice.

Many people will tell you to be yourself during interviews, but some may say that you should put on an act in order to get the job you want. Whether you believe the former or the latter, there are certain guidelines that can be applied in most interview situations.

Jul, 2013

How To Nail That Next Phone Interview

Nail Phone InterviewIt’s common nowadays for companies to screen large pools of applicants through phone interviews. Doing this cuts costs and avoids having the applicant fly into town for an interview.  

Jul, 2013

6 Important Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

Important Interview QuestionsGoing to an interview with a set of questions in mind is always a plus. Never show up to an interview without having any questions prepared. You may be wondering: How do you come up with the right questions to ask? The points listed below should help you to draft some questions of your own.

Jul, 2013

Crafting the Best Answers for a Behavioral Interview

Answers for a Behavioral Interview Before we proceed, let’s understand exactly what a behavioral interview is. It’s a kind of job interview wherein the questions are focused on your behavior and performance in your past working experiences. Almost all employers include behavioral interview questions in their job interviews.

Jun, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: Why should we hire you?

Why Hire YouJob interviews are set up for the purpose of finding out why a company should hire you. In essence, everything you’re going to say throughout the interview should be an answer to that question. Therefore, when the time comes, you should be ready to answer this important question.

Jun, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: Describe Your Current Position

Describe your positionInterviewers have different interviewing styles. Some like to start the interview by saying, “Tell me about yourself,” while others prefer to start by saying to the applicant, “Describe your current position.”

May, 2013

Five Body Language Signals You Must Avoid

Body LanguageEveryone is nervous before an interview—it’s a fact that no one can deny—but that’s no reason to let your body language ruin your chances of getting the job. Let’s look at the five body language signals that you should definitely avoid in an interview.