Mar, 2014

How to Make Giving a Salary Range Easier

Giving a Salary Range Most job seekers get frustrated when it comes to specifying their desired salary range for the job they’re applying for. Some simply have no idea what a proper answer would be when asked about it during a job interview. It certainly would be nice if employers would name their salary range first, but it doesn’t typically work out that way.

The fact is, employers often won’t name their salary range because they want to keep candidates from expecting to be at the top of the range. Let’s say the job you’re applying for pays $40,000 to $60,000. Most job seekers will be confident that they deserve to be paid around $60,000. But if the employer thinks that their qualifications don’t match up to that range, then the candidates will feel that they are being lowballed just because they were given a lower salary.

However, if the salary range isn’t disclosed up front, candidates will be more likely accept the job, not knowing how much the employers were willing to pay in the first place. They’re also less likely to complain about their salary if they never knew what the salary range was supposed to be.

Do you know what to say when employers ask you how much you expect to be paid? This is a question that job applicants dread answering, but it’s a crucial question nonetheless. Still, you can be optimistic and face this question head-on with a more confident tone.

To do this, do your research and ask people in the same industry how much companies are willing to pay on average. Get to know the range, and you won’t be as embarrassed to name your figure. Doing this spares you from worrying that you might be setting the price too high.

Seasoned job seekers know that employers are not likely to state their range first. They will eventually ask you of your expectations and how much you think you ought to be paid. That’s why it’s important to get a sense of the salary range beforehand, to avoid being caught off guard.

At the same time, it makes it easier for you to negotiate with your employer if you know how much money you deserve to be paid for that kind of job. After all, you’ve done your research and inquired into the matter. It’s yet another example of how preparation is necessary before any job interview. Use the Internet, ask colleagues, and find out what competing companies are offering in terms of salary. With this information, you’ll be ready to negotiate when it comes time to name your salary range.

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