Jul, 2013

How To Nail That Next Phone Interview

Nail Phone InterviewIt’s common nowadays for companies to screen large pools of applicants through phone interviews. Doing this cuts costs and avoids having the applicant fly into town for an interview.  


Preparing for phone interviews is important since it is often the first step in the interview process. Applicants must be able to convince the hiring manager invite them to the next phase of the interview. The following tips should make the process easier and more productive.

Before the Phone Interview

Lose the nerves by drafting a set of questions and preparing appropriate responses. You can rehearse while browsing your resume, reviewing all your skills and past job experience. Present your strengths and weaknesses in a way that can benefit the company you’re applying for.

Getting ready for a phone interview also means preparing your environment and eliminating distractions.

During the Phone Interview

Keep yourself calm, and be friendly without sounding too familiar. There is no room for errors in answering phone interview questions, since this is the first step in the interview process.

After the Phone Interview

Take time to evaluate how you did in your phone interview. Write down the questions that were asked so you can use them to prepare for subsequent interviews. If you said something you wished you hadn’t, take note of it to avoid committing the same mistake. Lastly, make an effort to send a thank-you note to the hiring manager to express your enthusiasm and gratitude.

Planning ahead and following the tips listed above should help you nail that next phone interview, gearing you up for the next challenge of acing a job interview in person.

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