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Apr, 2013

How to address an enormous gap in your work history/resume

Resume GapEmployment is a major part of our lives; it’s what helps us fulfill our daily needs. However, there comes a point when you need to take time off in order to attend to something: caring for a sick relative, raising a family, traveling, or going back to school. Now you’re ready to get back to work, but the problem is that you now have a huge gap in your work history. How do you explain it to a potential employer?

Mar, 2013

Want to Know Why Employers Don’t Tell You Why You Didn’t Get the Job? Here’s Why

Employer ReasonsJob seekers typically want to know why they didn’t get job, so that they’ll know what mistakes they made or perhaps what skills they lack so they can improve their chances next time. Unfortunately, most employers don’t reveal the reasons why they turned you down. Here’s why:

Mar, 2013

4 Interview Mistakes by Fresh Graduates

Interview MistakesIt’s been a long time coming. For years you’ve worked your way through college. Those sleepless nights will finally come to an end as graduation day approaches. Now, all you’re worried about is hearing back from the companies you’ve sent resumes to.

Mar, 2013

Got a Job Offer? Here are 5 Things You Need Do First

Getting a Job OfferGood job on writing the perfect cover letter and resume and getting yourself an interview... and congratulations for a job well done on getting a job offer! But don’t celebrate yet, because there are still things left to do.

Jan, 2013

Reason Why You Shouldn’t be too Nervous about the Interview

Interview NervesAnyone can feel interview jitters before an interview, so why wouldn’t you? The opportunity is finally here for you to turn things around after a long period of being unemployed or to get away from a bad boss.

Jan, 2013

The Five W’s of Writing Your Cover Letter

Cover LetterIn this day and age, some job seekers are trying to dismiss the notion that a cover letter is important. If you are one of those who think that a cover is no longer relevant, then you need to hear this message: A cover letter is still and will always be important when you’re applying for a job.

Jan, 2013

Took time out of the workforce? Here's a unique opportunity for you.

gap in work historyA gap in work history used to be a disadvantage in landing a job. Or in getting invited for an interview. Employers worried that such a resume gap meant out of date skills, and perhaps a decreased work ethic.

For some top firms, that view has changed.

Dec, 2012

4 Things You Can Do While Waiting for the Call

Interview WaitYou have done your research and found yourself a couple of job openings. You already possess all of the necessary qualifications and know that you are a strong candidate, so you went ahead and sent them the necessary information. You got yourself invited for an interview, and because of your preparation, you did well. Now the only thing that’s left to do is to wait.

Nov, 2012

Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels before an Interview

Interview StressEvery day there are contributing factors to our stress levels. As much people would like to live a stress-free life, this is just not possible. There will always be things that will cause us stress—some within our control, and some not. No one wants to have stress in their system because it can affect our mental and physical well-being.

Oct, 2012

Five Reasons You’re not Getting Interviews

Not Getting InterviewsYour job search is at a standstill. You have been sending applications tirelessly for the past few weeks but can’t get seem to go over the hump. It feels like no one is interested enough to use your services. If this looks like it’s starting to become a pattern, then you may be doing something to prevent yourself from getting interviews.