Jun, 2013

Answering Interview Questions: Why should we hire you?

Why Hire YouJob interviews are set up for the purpose of finding out why a company should hire you. In essence, everything you’re going to say throughout the interview should be an answer to that question. Therefore, when the time comes, you should be ready to answer this important question.


Why Interviewers Ask This Question

Every applicant invited for an interview is already considered to be qualified—otherwise, the company wouldn’t waste their time. The interviewer’s job is to find the best of the best among the candidates. This is done in order to find out who will have the most positive impact on the company. The last thing they want to do is damage the business’s reputation by hiring a bad candidate.

Your response to “Why should we hire you?” ought to push the interviewer over the edge in convincing him or her to choose you. So, in answering this question, you should show:

  • You have the necessary skills and experience to excel in this position
  • You will be a great addition to the team and can contribute immediately
  • You will make everyone’s life easier by delivering results

How to Answer the Question

This question is almost always asked at or near the end of the interview, so this is your last hurrah in order to get that job. This is why you should have a well-prepared, thought-out response beforehand to be able to answer this question with confidence and clarity.

The important thing to remember is to focus on at least four major strengths you possess that you think are the most valuable for the position. Keep these points mind as you discuss why you are the best candidate.

Your points could be a combination of any of the following:

  • Accomplishments
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience

A good answer will show how your education has trained you to acquire the necessary skills, which, together with your passion, have helped you to accomplish things that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. With all of that, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would not hire you.

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