Apr, 2013

4 Key Tips to Dressing Properly for an Interview

Interview AttireWhat we wear has a major influence on how people perceive us. It shows our personality and who we are even before we say a word to a person. It instantly tells people our story and creates a lasting first impression.

Dressing for an interview is a lot like going on a first date. You want the other person to see that you’re presentable without overdressing. You want them to take you seriously, so you put on your best clothes. This, however, begs the question: What exactly are the best clothes?

Using the right fit

For most men, the most important aspect of finding something to wear is being comfortable, and this habit sometimes hurts their chances in an interview because they often lean toward oversized suits or pants. Your best bet is to have your suit or pants fitted or altered by a tailor to the right size. Women also need to find something that fits their body type while still maintaining a professional appearance.

Plan ahead

Make sure that everything you’re going to wear for the interview is ready, pressed and polished days in advance. If you don’t plan how you’re going to get your suit to the dry cleaners, you might end up hurting your professional image by showing up with a wrinkled suit.

Keep it simple

In the majority of job interview situations, it’s more important to be professional than fashionable. Therefore, you’ll want to stick to safe colors such as black or blue most of the time. Avoid wearing too much color unless you’re applying for a job in the fashion industry. Keep your accessories and jewelery to a minimum. You want the interviewer to remember you by what you say, not by what you wear.

Absolutely keep skin to the minimum

There are certain precautions that you always want to take during an interview, and hiding skin is one of them. There are no universal rules regarding how to dress in an interview, but it’s better to be on the safe side. Wait until you get hired and see how lax a company is with its dress code before taking any risks with what you wear.

It’s generally a good idea to avoid being too casual in an interview. You want to present yourself as someone who can represent their company. It’s important to choose the right clothes for an interview to show the right professional image that will complement the skills and experiences you possess.

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