Mar, 2013

Want to Know Why Employers Don’t Tell You Why You Didn’t Get the Job? Here’s Why

Employer ReasonsJob seekers typically want to know why they didn’t get job, so that they’ll know what mistakes they made or perhaps what skills they lack so they can improve their chances next time. Unfortunately, most employers don’t reveal the reasons why they turned you down. Here’s why:

They want to avoid people who will debate their decision – Job seekers can sometimes be so overconfident about themselves that when they get rejected, they argue with the hiring manager—sometimes very angrily. You might not take rejection well, but you don’t have to get angry, especially when there’s a valid reason they didn’t hire you.

They want to avoid legal action – A lot of lawyers advise their clients not to talk about their reason for not hiring you, so as to avoid possible complications if the applicant considers the reason to be discriminatory.

They just don’t have the time – There are instances when the employer would want to talk about it with you but just doesn’t have the time to sit with you and talk about it. They have more pressing concerns to attend to or would prefer to just move on to next candidate instead.

They gave you the reason, yet you refuse to believe it – There are times when an employer is honest enough to give you the real reason, but because you can’t accept the truth or you don’t take criticism well, you don’t believe what he or she says.

There are times when you have to face the reality as a job seeker that the position was just not meant for you. You need to accept the fact that sometimes you are not really what the employer is looking for. The truth may hurt, but it’s also what can help you move forward and do better next time.

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