Top 7 Secrets to Savvy Cover Letters

Secrets to Savvy Cover LettersKnow how to impress recruiters and employers with a standout cover letter to help increase your chances of winning that new job.

Never overlook the importance of creating your cover letter, as it can easily make the difference, especially if you’re up against highlyqualified candidates. To help, here are some tips on how to create cover letters that will get the attention of recruiters:

Give your credentials. Since you want people to know about you, make sure your cover letter highlights your biggest accomplishments, with some detail. Make a list of your talents and skills and how important they are in the job you are applying for. Once you know which to highlight, include these in your cover letter.

Show how you can solve the employer’s problem. Make sure your skills areuseful to the company. To be considered for an interview, use your cover letter to convince them that you’re right for the job. Don’t focus on the reasons why you should be hired. Instead, let your accomplishments speak for you,and prove how your skills can be of benefit to the company.

Highlight distinct accomplishments. Don’t simply rewrite your resume into a cover letter. Use the chance to focus on a specific award or achievement that will be relevant to the company. Try not to write a lengthy one to avoid boring the reader.

Address any red flags. If you think you are being seen in a negative light by the recruiter, politely address it right away. Clear up any assumptions up front; it demonstrates a sense of maturity on your part.

Let them know your availability. When creating a cover letter, include the start date to avoid miscommunication between you and your potential employer. If you can, clear your calendar for the next 3-4 weeks (recruiters are more likely to hire those who can start work right away).

Be clear and accurate. Always proofread your cover letter to make sure it is free of grammatical errors. Spell-check both your resume and cover letter and ask a friend to check it for you in case you’ve missed something.

Include your contact information. This should be basic knowledge, but there are a lot of candidates out there who forget to include their contact info. When this happens, it’s easier for a recruiter to go to the next candidate since he or she doesn’t have enough time to look up your email address or phone number.

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