Aug, 2012

How to End an Interview on a Strong Note

Ending an InterviewMost people remember bad events more than good ones. Psychologists say that the brain processes positive and negative events differently. They say that negative events involve more thinking and are processed more thoroughly than positive events.

This is further illustrated by how you will remember losing $100 more than earning $100. With this in mind, we should also remember how we need to end an interview strongly lest all of your efforts be wasted.

To end an interview on a strong note:

Closing Statement

Toward the end of your interview, take time to summarize your skills and experiences that demonstrate why you are fit for the job.

Don't Leave Empty-Handed

Do not leave the interview without getting the names and contact information of those who interviewed you. You can use this information once you do your follow-up.

Ask for the Next Step

Asking your interviewer for the next step in the process will let you know where you stand as an applicant. Doing this will also help you in strategizing how you will follow up after the interview.

After the interviewer explains the next step, ask how you did. By asking this, you will have a clear idea of how well you did in the interview. Sometimes you may not like what you hear, but this will also help you know what areas you need to improve.

Don’t be afraid to ask how you did, because if you did well in the interview, the interviewer will only remember you as a strong candidate.

Closing Moments

Thank the interviewer for taking the time to interview you, and make sure that the interview is really over before leaving. You don’t want to be rude by leaving when the interviewer still has something to say.

In an interview, remember that your every moment within the premises of where the interview takes place is a part of your interview. You need to be at your best from start to finish. Do not ruin a good interview by not ending it in a strong note.

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