Jan, 2013

Reason Why You Shouldn’t be too Nervous about the Interview

Interview NervesAnyone can feel interview jitters before an interview, so why wouldn’t you? The opportunity is finally here for you to turn things around after a long period of being unemployed or to get away from a bad boss.

If you have an upcoming interview or know someone who will, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t be too nervous about the interview.

Remember that you’re already qualified – One of the things most job applicants forget is that they already meet the qualifications. There is no reason for an employer to invite you in for an interview if he doesn’t think that you can do the job. The reason employers invite people in for an interview is to look for the person that not only can do the job but can also fit in with the company.

There is no perfect candidate – All employers want to have a perfect employee, but keep in mind too that there is no perfect person. What you need to do is show that you are better than the others, not the perfect employee. There is no need for you to convince yourself that you need to be perfect to get the job.

You have a role to play, too – When you talk about interviews, what might come to mind first is the interviewer asking you questions, but don’t neglect the part where you get to ask the questions. The interview is a two-way street; they evaluate your fitness in the company, and you evaluate if the company fits what you’re looking for.

If those reasons aren’t enough to get you to calm down, here are two tips for you:

Think about the worst-case scenario and prepare for it – We all have scenarios that we fear: having to explain an employment gap in your resume, being asked why you were fired on your last job, or some other question that you don’t want to be asked. There are no assurances that you can avoid these scenarios, so the only thing left to do is to prepare for them – well!

Use self-awareness to your advantage – If you’re still worrying about being unqualified, use it. Go through the interview using that self-awareness to your advantage by looking for signs or indicators of whether you can do the job or not. Ask questions that can help you decide on your future with the company.

When you get invited to an interview, you’re going to feel both excited and nervous. However, don’t let those emotions get the best of you. Always keep in mind that they invited you for an interview because you’re already qualified, but they just need to know whether you’re a good fit.

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