The Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Promoted

Reasons Why Youre Not Getting PromotedAre you projecting an unprofessional image at work? It may be helpful to contemplate why you’re not getting promoted despite all your efforts.

Have you been working for the same company for years? Think you’re ready for a promotion but wonder why one has not been offered? If you’re worried about your personal brand, here are a few of the most common pitfalls:

The Ever-Shortening Day. As a full-time employee, you are being paid by your employer to work at least eight hours per day. In order to be viewed as someone who is ready for more responsibility, you have to work like the best employees or team leaders above you.

Make sure to arrive 15 to 20 minutes before work and settle in before everyone gets ready to get moving. When it’s time for lunch, make sure you’re all set to work within 30 minutes. Don’t waste another 10 minutes getting back to your desk after an hour lunch break.

Keep in mind that your 8-hour shift doesn’t include your lunch break. Taking 10-minute breaks should be fine. Focus on your work like you’re trying to get something accomplished every single day.

Relaxed wear. Never go to work looking as if you’ve just rolled out of bed. If you looked like a professional on the day of your interview, strive to look polished every single day. Image really does matter at work. Make sure your image meets or exceeds your company’s standards.

Review your reflection in the mirror. Ask yourself every morning if your image commands respect. If you’re in doubt or you know that the answer is “no,” you may want to change your outfit for the day.

No sense of urgency. Have a high sense of urgency and show how efficient and effective you are in fulfilling your role within the company. Increase your results to grab the attention of your superiors. Don’t be contented with the results you have produced in the past. Strive more every single day as much, as you can.

Be mindful of the small details. Bring a notepad with you every time there’s a meeting. Write down what is being asked of you and ask questions when necessary. Make sure to hand in whatever is needed ahead of time, before the deadline.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and always take the initiative, when possible. Clarify everything, including the steps needed for the next phase of the project.

Career success requires awareness of how other people view you as an employee. Act on the areas that need to be improved and enhance your strengths to get your employer to notice you.

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