Feb, 2021

5 Ways to Set Boundaries When Working from Home

5 Ways to Set Boundaries When Working from HomeWorking from home entails several perks - a flexible schedule, a personalized office or workspace, more time in your day (because you can skip the travel to and from work), home cooked meals and a lot more! For many people, this work setup is the ideal setup they need to finally achieve work-life balance especially when it comes to enjoying more personal time. While this is true, working from home also has its own set of challenges and disadvantages. One of them is the inability to detach from work.


If you have been working from home for quite a while, you would agree that achieving work-life balance isn’t as easy as many other people thought it would be. Your work can easily seep into your personal life and eat up even a huge chunk of your personal time. So, how do you set a boundary when you’re working remotely?

Create a dedicated workspace
Working from the comfort of your home may mean liberty when it comes to choosing your most comfortable spot for working. However, it is rather ideal to have a dedicated workspace. The last thing you want is to feel as if the entire home is your office.

Create a workspace totally separate from where you spend your personal time. Working from home may get you thinking about being able to enjoy a flexible working environment and that is true. It is one of the many perks. However, working from your bed or couch all the time isn’t really a good idea if you want to set a line between your work and personal life.

Designate fixed working hours
Flexibility is one of the many perks that working from home entails. However, it’s a good idea to establish a specific work schedule you can stick to consistently. Determine which hours in a day you are most productive. If you’re a morning person and you prefer to start your day early, perhaps you can start working at 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon with an hour break in between for lunch.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to start working or you want to start late. What’s important is that you have blocked your specific work hours to define when you should work and when you should rest.

Take breaks
It may be easy to forget about your meals when you’re working from home. However, it’s imperative that you step away from your desk to eat your lunch or take a break. You may feel comfortable about the fact that you’re working from home and you can eat anytime you want but eating your meals on time is non-negotiable.

Make the most of your days off
When you treat your home as your office, it’s easy to get tempted to check your emails for a bit or tackle an urgent task. Before you know it, it has already consumed a huge chunk of your rest day.

Learn how to take your rest days seriously. Make the most of it because your mental health needs it.

Working from home may entail many perks. However, learning how to set boundaries between work and personal life is crucial for your overall health and wellbeing.



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