4 Tips to Help You Rekindle Your Relationship with Your Work

4 Tips to Help You Rekindle Your Relationship with Your WorkJust like your personal life, your professional life is also a work in progress. Starting a new job can feel all exciting and amazing. The enthusiasm, motivation and passion - it’s all in there! And despite the imperfections, you’re loving your job and your satisfaction overpowers the flaws. It was like this for quite a while until things suddenly changed one day.

The job which you thought was perfect has, all of a sudden, lost its luster. Before you know it, you start dragging yourself to work, think about switching to a new career and start sending out resumes. If you find yourself caught in this dilemma, know that you’re not alone. However, quitting and changing employment shouldn’t be an immediate solution. Give yourself some time to reconnect with the job you loved in the first place. Follow these tips to help you rekindle your relationship with your work.

To reframe your relationship towards your work, it’s important to start with reflecting to gain clarity about what you really think and feel about your job. Ask yourself questions such as, am I satisfied and fulfilled? What is it about my job that brings me joy? What is it about my job that makes me unhappy? Does it constantly make me exhausted and stressed out? Do I still see myself doing the same job in the next year or so?

Embrace how you feel towards your work
Now that you have identified how you exactly feel about your work, it’s about time to come to terms with these emotions. Whether you feel dissatisfied, upset or unhappy, know that you have the right to feel these feelings. You don’t need to stuff them in or bottle them up. If it would make you feel better to release them by writing them on a paper or journal, or talk about it with your colleagues or peers, feel free to do so.

Focus on the good stuff
There’s no such thing as a perfect job. But instead of magnifying the negative stuff, try to focus on the good ones. There certainly are things about your job that somehow makes it wonderful. Think about the good things and all the positive aspects about it. Remind yourself of these things as they can help you keep going.

You may not control everything about your job, especially when it comes to the outcome but you have a choice. You have the power to make a decision. You have the power to choose how to approach your situation and deal with the challenges and imperfections of your job.

Decide if you want to let how you feel feed your energy and motivation or if you will let it drive your professional life. Or will you be willing to make adjustments so to bring your relationship towards work back to its healthy state. The choice is yours to make.

Staying in love with the same job you’ve been doing for several years may seem impossible. The good news is there are ways to reconnect and transform your relationship with work into a healthy and happy one!

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