6 Ways to Fight Off Interview Nerves

Fight Off Interview NervesA job interview takes a lot of confidence and courage, together with preparation. It is normal to feel anxious waiting, knowing that you’re a couple of minutes away from hearing your name called. When this happens, it is possible for the jitters to ruin your performance and even cost you your candidacy for the job. To avoid this, here are some tips on how to combat your nerves before the interview:

Keep in mind that your employer thinks you’re qualified for the job. The fact that you were called in for an interview should help boost your confidence. It means you actually have a shot at being hired for the position. Remember that employers have a lot going on — and calling someone in for an interview should be a good sign.

There’s never a perfect candidate. You may think that other candidates for the job are a better fit, or that they will give perfect answers. However, this is not always the case. Don’t aim for perfection. Instead, strive to show who you really are as a colleague. Most applicants don’t give flawless interviews, so there’s no need to multiply nerves with scenarios and assumptions.

Have some control during the interview. Though you may feel overwhelmed, it is still possible to handle the conversation while knowing your limits. You have power in an interview situation. It’s never wrong to ask questions that can help you decide if you are up to the job. At the same time, asking questions makes you an even more interesting candidate.

An interview is similar to a business transaction. Do not feel inferior during the interview. Think of it as collaboration— both parties want to be of great service to other clients. An interview should not feel like being interrogated at all.

Assume that someone may have gotten the job ahead of you. Playing mind tricks on yourself may help you as you answer questions. Since you have nothing to lose, you can think freely without hesitation while you converse and let the employer get a sense of what you’d be like at work. Doing this might bring positive results.

Remember that your employer may not realize how nervous you are. If you think you’re about to ruin the interview, consider this — It’s possible that the interviewer may not be aware of what you’re feeling during the interview. If you’re overly nervous, consciously focus on something else to mask your anxiety.

Following the tips above should help you calm your nerves during job interviews. When all else fails, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

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Alan Carniol

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