Who Would YOU Invite to The Interview?

Who Would YOU Invite to The InterviewA few days ago, we were talking about "warm" job leads – i.e. introductions from friends/colleagues who are known, liked, and trusted by hiring managers.
And I urged you to spend an hour or so, this week if you can, reaching out to old co-workers or anyone else you know in your circle who might know a hiring manager who is looking for someone like you to join their team.
Because these are the best kind of job leads you can ever get.

Consider this:
Imagine that you're a hiring manager, and you have a spot on your schedule for just one more interview. However, laid out on the desk in front of your right now are three resumes for three different candidates – and they all look solid.
Candidate #1 applied through the "front door" (i.e. they responded to a job ad and sent their resume and cover letter to HR, who then screened them).
Candidate #2 sent you an email a few months ago (just like how we teach in Dream Job Formula), introduced themselves, and has been on your radar ever since as a promising candidate for the next position you needed to fill.
Candidate #3 was recommended to you by a friend – someone you used to work closely with around ten years ago, someone whose opinion carries a lot of weight with you, simply because this is someone you really respect.
Now, which of these candidates would you give the interview to?
Who would be the safest bet?
Candidate #3 – because your friend has already "vetted" them.
Now, like I said on a previous blog, chances are you know at least a few people who are natural "connectors" – the kind of people who, in all likelihood, know dozens of managers who, at some point or other, will need to hire someone.
Do these people know that you're looking for a job?
Do they know that you need their help?
Maybe not.
So it's worth shooting a quick email or picking up the phone and asking for their help. Because one or two introductions could change your situation overnight.
Something to think about.

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Alan Carniol

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