Warm Job Leads - Your Low Hanging Fruit

Warm Job Leads Your Low Hanging FruitA lot of folks – myself included sometimes – are afraid to ask for help.
We're afraid of imposing ourselves onto other people, or putting those we care about in a position where they have to turn us down and feel bad for it.
But here's something I've come to appreciate lately:

If you're like most the folks I've coached and worked with over the last eight years or so, then there are probably people in your life right now who are in a position where they can help you land a job faster than you can do it alone.
Why aren't they helping you already?
Because they're afraid of imposing themselves on YOU.
They're afraid that you'll see them as pushy or smug, afraid that you'll resent them for trying to get involved in your personal affairs. And so they hold back, waiting, maybe even hoping you'll reach out and ask for their help.
In this blog, I often share ideas for finding job leads.
But, here's something we don't talk about often:
The best job leads are almost always introductions from people who know, like and trust you – people who are, in turn, known, liked, and trusted by hiring managers who have a role they need to fill.
Chances are, you know someone who knows someone who is looking for qualified and experienced job candidates – someone just like you.
This is your low-hanging fruit.
If you can get an introduction to a hiring manager, then more often than not that warm referral is worth more than even the best resume sent to HR.
So, if you've not done so yet, I urge you to spend this weekend reaching out to people you know – ex-coworkers, colleagues, etc. – who might know a hiring manager who needs to have a 15-minute telephone conversation with you.
You might be surprised what job opportunities are hiding under your nose.

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Alan Carniol

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