The Mean Rich Guy’s House

The Mean Rich Guys HouseWhen I was a kid and we used to go trick-or-treating, I remember there was this house in my neighborhood that my friends and I would always skip.
The house was practically a mansion and it had a HUGE driveway.
I guess, looking back, it was kind of intimidating. It looked like it belonged to a rich guy who'd shout at us and chase us away if we dared knock on his door.

So we just walked past it every Halloween.
But then, one year, the morning after trick-or-treating when we were at school, one of our friends was bragging – because he trick-or-treated that "mean rich guy's house", and walked away with a HUGE Hershey bar.
Moral of the story?
I'm not sure.
But it reminds me about something I learned pretty early on as a career coach:
Often, the best job leads come from companies, teams, and hiring managers who seem the most unapproachable – or the kind that you might drive past all the time but never think would have a position they need to fill.
I've lost count of the number of times a client has said to me:
"Alan, I'd love work for a company like this one here, but I've never seen them advertise any positions. It looks like they don't need anyone right now...."
If you can relate to this – if there's a company that you'd love to work for, but you don't want to "knock on their" door because it doesn't look like they need a new employee right now, you should approach them anyway.
Because you might be surprised at the results you’re going to get when you do.

What’s the worst that can happen?

If you want to make every opportunity count the Dream Job Formula teaches you how to approach them the right way.

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