Top Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Top Reasons Why You Didnt Get the JobKnow what mistakes to avoid the next time you’re called in for an interview.

Have you been looking for a job for a long time? Have you scored any interviews lately? If you think you’re running out of luck, you may have to evaluate your process.

There are times when you can reach out to your hiring manager or staff and ask how you could have performed better in the interview. If you get an honest answer, use that knowledge to your advantage the next time you’re up for an interview.

If you can’t get feedback, here are top reasons why you may not have made the cut during your last interview:

1. Mistaking friendliness with friendship. Interviewers use a friendly conversational tone to get the conversation up and running. They know interviewees can get really nervous, and in response, they’ll frequently show empathy.

But beware. Friendliness can sidetrack you during the interview, causing you to share something negative about your former employer, or put your guard down carelessly.

Though it is important to create a good connection, make sure that they can get real information about you during the interview process. Their goal is to get to know you as much as they can. You should maintain a professional image at all times.

2. Not understanding the question. Once you submit your resume, you may assume that the interviewer has read it, giving them an idea of what you are like as an employee. However, they may ask something about you during the interview, even though the answer is clearly stated in the resume—and when this happens, you might get confused.

Don’t just refer them to your document when answering the question—Make sure to answer the question professionally, just as you would with any other interview question. How you respond can be a great test of your communication skills.

If interviews or any aspect of your job search isn’t working out, take the time to evaluate, and make changes as needed to keep moving forward.

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Alan Carniol

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