Job Search Tips: How to Ask Your Family for Help

Job Search Tips How to Ask Your Family for HelpHere’s how to make the job search conversation with family members less awkward.

If you’ve researched effective job-hunting, you know that networking is one of the most effective ways to get a job. We get new contacts through our colleagues, friends, former co-workers, and even family. However, asking for contacts from family can be particularly difficult. If it’s hard for you to share your job search journey with your family, here are some tips to make things easier:

Know who and when to ask. It’s better to talk to family members that will be open-minded and supportive of your decision to switch jobs. Avoid opening up to family members that are negative and are not welcoming of the idea of you looking for a new job.

When asking for help from family, make sure you have a comfortable relationship that lets you ask for help from them, and vice versa. They can refer you to a friend they know or direct you to someone who can help you. Be attentive so that you can sense when to stop asking questions before causing a strain.

Treat your family well. Make sure you’re not only being nice to them because you want something in return. Treat your family members (including your extended family) with care, and maintain interest in what’s going on with their lives. (This can improve the relationship with your family, too.)

Take an interest in their businesses. You may be given an opportunity to talk to a family friend for an informational interview. Grow your relationships and look forward to great conversations.

Be willing to help. In the event that someone in your family needs help, make sure to return the favor or offer them assistance. Always be prepared to lend a helping hand when they need one.

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