Reasons Why Your Networking Isn’t Working

Reasons Why Your Networking Isnt WorkingNetworking is one of the most effective ways to land a job, but people often don’t think about networking as a give-and-take, collaborative effort that requires strong communication skills. If you’re struggling with your networking efforts, here are some reasons why networking may not be working for you:

1. Expecting to find a job quickly. It takes time to grow your network, and it may not be that easy to find new opportunities. You can’t just network to get a new job—You are networking to meet people, build relationships, and over time, you may find opportunities for new work.

2. Only speaking with the “right” people. Don’t be picky when it comes to networking. Though you may know what company and roles you are currently interested in, don’t ignore people who can’t offer you something that helps you right now. People have a wide variety of backgrounds and connections, and they may point you toward something you wouldn’t expect—when you least expect it.

3. Not building a relationship. Networking is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort. This means you must be willing to nurture friendships and learn about people. Be interested in what they do, and you may just find things you have in common. Create a stronger bond by learning about them personally and professionally.

4. Being selfish. We all know that people network to look for job opportunities. However, networking is also about valuing other people. Immediately asking for favors without getting to know people is selfish, and can tarnish your professional image. So, going forward, approach every networking opportunity as a chance to meet new people and discover new relationships first.

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Alan Carniol

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