Tips on How to Say No to Your Boss

How to Say No to Your BossKnowing how to say no to your boss isn’t difficult when you know how.

There will be times when your workload is taking its toll. Once you’ve figured out you need to set some limits, make sure to address the issue immediately. Believe it or not, it’s okay to say no to your boss. It all depends on how you choose to do it. There are creative options that can help. Learning to say no the right way will save you pain (or even your career) in the long run.

Here are tips to potentially ease the burden of your workload:

Consider your co-employees. There may be a colleague whose background is much better for certain clients. If there is a co-worker interested in taking on a project, suggest the idea to your boss. Sharing the work can give all parties growth opportunities.

Relinquish other responsibilities. It may be time to redefine responsibility to get a clear grasp of your workload. Once you have a concrete plan, schedule an appointment with your boss. Be prepared to answer questions your boss might have.

Suggest a new work arrangement. You may want to suggest a new flexible working schedule to better distribute the workload. Perhaps you can suggest working from home one day a week.

As long as your reason is valid, feel free to say no to a certain assignment if you’re already carrying a large amount of work. Be honest. (Be sure to avoid coming across as rude).

Once you have a plan for how the work can be done in a more efficient way, do not expect your boss to say yes right away. There is no guarantee that your boss will approve, no matter how good your plan is. Just be sure to approach your boss professionally to avoid any misunderstandings.

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