Learn from Rock Stars: 6 Habits That Lead to a Promotion

Habits That Lead to a PromotionBelieve it or not, life as a rock star takes discipline. You can learn from Ozzy Osbourn and Marilyn Manson about career success.

Are you having a hard time proving yourself to your superiors? A few lessons from rock stars can help:

Learn your instrument. If you want to get ahead, make sure you’re an expert in your field. The greatest rock stars know their instruments before stepping on stage. Learn your job inside and out, and new opportunities are more likely to come your way.

Play to your strengths. Musicians have no guarantee whether their songs will top the charts. Shifting from one genre to another can lead to a backlash. All rock stars need to know their strengths and play to them (pun intended).

Own your greatness. Rock stars know their charms, and so should you. Track your trajectory by keeping a log of your accomplishments and projects that you’ve successfully completed. Once you are ready to ask for a raise, this list will help you present reasons why you deserve that promotion.

Be eager to please. Rock stars always make it a point to please their fans. And employees that are helpful and eager to support their co-workers and superiors are more likely to be recognized for a promotion.

Continue to be hungry. Hunger is essential for success — the hunger for new knowledge can propel you forward. Be open to what the next assignment or project will teach you. Hunger will keep you motivated and learning all the time. The best musicians learn and grow within their craft, and they are rewarded with long careers. Learn how best you can keep growing in your own successful career.

Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be unique. Imagine rock stars without an image or unique style. Just like them, you have to have your own style or others will outshine you. Most employers today are looking for new approaches when doing business. Bring some fresh ideas for your boss to help you stand out among the rest.

That promotion will not come to you by standing idly. Make focused efforts to prove your worth, and get noticed.

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Alan Carniol

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