How to Land a Job by Thinking Outside the Box

Land a Job by Thinking Outside the BoxYou may need to upgrade your overall efforts in order to survive the realities of job-hunting in this generation.

Still not getting any response after submitting multiple resumes? You may have to change your tactics when approaching companies in order to stand out.

Here are five things to consider to help you get the attention you want:

Hand in an infographic resume. This lets your creativity outshine your competitors. Infographics are popular marketing tools and a great way for you to present your skillset and experience.

An infographic resume may be a new concept, but it will make your resume stand out. You can research online to see examples and generate ideas for what to include before creating one.

Keep in mind that an infographic resume shouldn’t be a substitute for your text resume. Always have a hardcopy of your resume. There are still plenty of recruiters who prefer to see the traditional format.

Shoot a video. You can prove your qualifications even if you haven’t been invited for an interview by shooting a video. Use this video to explain why you’re the perfect fit for a job. Be sure to talk about your accomplishments.

This can be a good way to capture an employer’s attention quickly. It is best to keep your video under three minutes. If you’re camera material, this format may be an advantage.

Build a presentation. You can also use slides to present your qualifications visually. Don’t forget to present supporting documentation that highlights the strong points from your text resume.

Make sure to use a balance of images and words. Avoid excess bullet points. You can choose pictures, a logo and other visuals to get your point across.

Share your marketing plan. You can use the help of a mentor or a friend to choose companies according to your preferences and qualifications. Sharing your vision for your marketing plan will also generate better results.

Keep in touch with your network. You can publish a newsletter to stay in touch with people you’ve met while networking. Your newsletter is a chance to share your expertise. You can write about current trends in your field, issues, and touch on potential solutions.

These tips should help you get the job you truly want. Where applicable, use a referral to provide evidence that you’re the perfect fit for the job.

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Alan Carniol

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