Look Interview-Ready as an Intern in 4 Easy Steps

Look Interview-Ready No matter how skilled you are in your line of expertise, knowing how to dress is important, especially if you don’t want to be misunderstood. To avoid looking drab, we’ve drafted four easy ways for you to look interview-ready.

Hair Products. Whether you were blessed with a mane of perfect hair or not, well-groomed hair is definitely a must. Believe it or not, hair is often one of the first things a recruiter notices. If you want to leave a good first impression, take the time to style it according to your taste. Keep in mind that you want to choose a look that won’t compromise your professionalism. If you don’t know how to best style your hair, ask a stylist for help.

Shoe Polish. Haveyou ever been guilty of not shining your shoes? Make sure to give them a polish before going to an interview. Fix any damaged areas of your shoes using a Sharpie or a dab of polish. Don’t forget to check your heels, and have your shoes re-heeled if needed. Take these steps to look professional and demonstrate that you pay attention to detail.

If you can’t seem to figure out what to wear, consider these tips:

Corporate Jacket. Your jacket says a lot about you. That’s why it is important to choose one that you’re comfortable wearing and makes you look professional at the same time. Make sure there is minimal pull when sitting down to avoid discomfort and potential worry. You don’t want to look like you’ve squeezed yourself into it.

For men, the sleeves should hit the top of the hand right below the wrist. To avoid a boxy appearance, don’t wear a jacket that is too large for your figure.

For women, the sleeve length should follow the same guideline as for men. Choose a jacket that grazes your waistline and fits perfectly whether you’re standing or sitting.

When talking about color, get a jacket that is up to trend that looks smart and professional within the industry you’re targeting. It’s better to get a jacket that’s slightly different from the standard neutrals so that the interviewer can remember you. If you’re more conservative, choose a jacket in gray or brown with a discernible pattern.

You can choose more color if you are in the creative field.

Last tip — don’t forget to remove your jacket before you get in your car to avoid wrinkling it on the way.

Clean shirt. Maintain a professional look by wearing a clean and well-fitting shirt. It’s important to also wear an undershirt. Undershirts help manage perspiration.

Obviously, check that your shirt is free of coffee, food or sweat stains. Though having it dry-cleaned can be pricey, it’s worth it to make a great first impression. Iron your shirt, whether you believe it needs it or not. You may need to remove your jacket at some point during the interview when the room temperature suddenly grows warmer.

Finding a job requires preparation. This includes the time and effort you take to look your best before going to an interview. Make a good impression by wearing smart, clean clothes that show how much of a professional you are in the working world.

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