Got Several Job Offers? Here’s How to Evaluate Them

Several Job OffersIf you’re receiving multiple job offers, be sure to keep things in perspective to avoid making a poor choice.

Weighing multiple offers? Congratulations! No matter how excited you are feeling right now, don’t let emotions get in the way of evaluating those job offers objectively. Here are some tips to consider before saying yes:

Salary. Always consider how much you’re going to be paid for the job before accepting. Are you going to be happy with the job for at least a year? (Keep that in mind since you can’t ask for a raise until you’ve worked for at least 12 months.) If the salary is too low, try to negotiate a higher salary.

Benefits. Be sure to evaluate your benefits, especially if you want to save money on health care, or you’re looking for a flexible schedule. If the job doesn’t offer good benefits, consider how much money you’ll end up spending for health care each year. It may take a big bite out of your salary. If the job does offer good benefits, don’t forget to ask when those benefits will kick in.

Hidden costs. Have you considered how much your commute will cost? How about your wardrobe? If you have big expenses in these areas, consider whether the job is worth accepting.

Daily workload. Make sure to have a clear grasp of what you are signing up for. Know the responsibilities of your job beforehand. Always request a clear job description. If the responsibilities described aren’t clear, it may be in your best interest to turn down the offer. Also, take the time to consider whether you will truly excel in the job.

Other important factors. Are you able to leave work by 6 PM to spend time with family, take care of errands, or unwind? Do you need to pick up your child from daycare or school at a set time? How many hours will you be working each week? Does the employer offer relocation assistance?

Once you have received a job offer, make sure you have considered all key factors that will affect your decision. Feel free to ask questions. Your decision may have a long-ranging impact on your career. Don’t take any offers lightly.

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Alan Carniol

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