How to Step Up Your Social Media Game for Recruiters

How to Step Up Your Social Media Game for RecruitersElevate your online presence to find your next job.

Thanks to technology, social media has become one of the most popular ways to look for a job. Social media sites are no longer limited to connecting with friends and family—They are also arenas for recruiters and job seekers to interact.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now used by recruiters to find out more about candidates. To build your online presence effectively, here are a few tips:

1. Consider it your digital cover letter. With so many resources online, some recruiters no longer look at traditional cover letters. Instead, they go straight to social media and check your profile to help determine if you’re a fit for the job available. Your social media profile should positively represent you and the things you care about (and that potentially interested companies care about as well).

You can use LinkedIn and Facebook to your advantage by listing the awards you’ve won, volunteer work you have done in the past, charities you’ve participated in, and even your relevant hobbies. Share your own genuine content and other appropriate articles related to the industry you’re interested in. These can be a great thumbs-up for recruiters when they see you’re engaged with industry happenings.

2. Be Authentic         

Be frequent with your posts, and make sure they have quality content to attract more recruiters over the long term. Deliver quality content that really matters, and choose the most effective social media platform related to your skill. If you’re into photography, for example, you might want to clean your Instagram feed and post pictures that will boost your portfolio.

3. Be Professional

It’s important to appear professional on every single one of your social media accounts in order to prove how well you can represent the company you’re applying to. (Don’t forget to tighten up your grammar, check your spelling, and watch out for typos.)

Stay away from rant-filled and pessimistic posts, and limit posts of selfies (a large number can raise red flags. Whenever you post anything during a job search, keep in mind that companies are looking for positive employees that can help solve problems.

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Alan Carniol

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