How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret

How to Keep Your Job Search a SecretLooking for a job while still employed can be tricky. Make sure to keep your job search under wraps—Your image can be negatively affected if your secret gets out.

Make small changes to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an important platform for recruiters and employees alike. Make sure your profile has updated information and skills to ensure you get the right notifications on jobs you’re interested in.

You can add something new to your portfolio, update your older jobs and make changes that won’t give the appearance that you’re looking for a new job. Make sure your headline won’t tip off your current employer. Promote desirable skills carefully.

State that your job search is confidential. In most cases, it’s best not to tell anyone that you’re looking for a new job when you’re currently employed. And it’s often better to network with people and not mention your search. If you want or need to share it with someone you really trust, make it clear that they have to keep your job search confidential.

Don’t network during working hours. If you are going to meet new people, it’s better to do it before or after working hours. You can meet them face-to-face or call them when you’ve left work. Stay connected with your network to improve your reputation online and offline—and feel free to lend a hand when you can.

Create a separate email address for your job search. You may want to create a different email address that will let you sift through your messages easily, without distractions from spam, personal messages and marketing emails.

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