How to Score a Promotion When Working Hard Isn’t Enough

How to Score a Promotion When Working Hard Isnt EnoughEveryone should be aware that working hard isn’t enough. Though there are managers out there that will give you credit for your hard work, you should not rely on your manager when it comes to getting promoted.

Keep in mind that your boss has his or her own goals and you may not be a part. The only person you can rely on is yourself.

Here are some tips to help:

1. Keep track of your accomplishments. You can always record your accomplishments to help you remember important projects or dates in your career. Don’t forget to include a short description of your projects and how they ended. You can also save thank you and congratulatory notes in a “Success” folder on your computer.

2. Log professional development activities. Keep a separate file or tab in an Excel spreadsheet that contains your educational endeavors. Include dates, names of courses, and locations of trainingas well as seminars and classes you’ve attended in the past.

You can always store your certificates and licenses in your Success folder to make it easier to organize your files.

3. Set the stage. Don’t be afraid to ask for a six-month review from your manager or an annual review to keep your superiors informed of your achievements and goals. You can tell your boss that you’re aiming for a promotion for the next cycle.

In case you don’t work with your superior directly, you can send her a short summary in a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly timeframe. Focus on results to convince your boss why you deserve a promotion.

4. Be flexible. When requesting a review, ask about all the tangible goals you need to meet in order to deserve a promotion. Do you need further training? What do your superiors expect of you in your current position? Once you have a list, it’ll be easier for you to work your way to success before your review.

Inform your manager that you aim to achieve these goals prior to your next review. Don’t forget to give your boss an update from time to time.

Your manager is busy with other tasks—Don’t assume that he or she knows your career goals. You can let your superiors know how serious you are about getting that promotion by communicating with them and excelling in your current role.

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